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Affiliate Money Tree Handbook
 Name of book:Affiliate Money Tree Handbook
 Author:Mike Delrue
 Blurb:Make Over $18,659/Month on Google Adwords by Copying my already Proven Money Making KEYWORDS used for my Affiliate Programs!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Website Traffic, Web Traffic
  • I'm going to help you Start a Tremendously Successful Internet Business with 0% risk! I'm going to let you copy my Internet Success by giving you my most profitable keywords that I use on Google Adwords and over 20 other top-major pay-per-click search engines that??s making me over $18,000 USD every month?- automatically!
  • -People visit my affiliate sites
    -About 3% order
    -Every 2 weeks I get a check (and a really BIG one!)
    And then some time later (giving me a more than comfortable head start) I get a bill for the ppc search engines for about just 30% of what I get paid!
    And that's AUTOMATIC if there ever was anything "automatic!"
  • In it you'll get:
    -A review of over 35 of my very best money-making affiliate programs for you to sign up to. ($47 Value)
    -Over 2500 of my most profitable pay-per-click keywords I use to generate over $18,000 in automatic money with every month for my affiliate programs. ($1,997 Value)
    -Access to over 2500 of my personally tested max bids I use for each of my pay-per-click keywords so that you can guarantee yourself BIG profits too. ($297 Value)
    -How to get $1650 in FREE ppc advertising money, no deposit is required to get this incredible value! (Value=$1650)
    -A review of over 300 of the best pay-per-click search engines in the world. ($39.95 Value)
    -A review of over 70 of the best affiliate networks for you to sign up to that contains 1000's of great money making affiliate programs. ($29.95 Value)
    -Learn which affiliate programs to avoid and which ones have an excellent chance of making money with before you even sign up. ($19.95 Value)
    -How to diversify your affiliate programs. To ensure long term affiliate success and commisions. ($39.95 Value)
    -How to organize and keep track of your compaigns. ($9.95 Value)
    -My #1 affiliate program that makes me the most money along with my keywords. (Priceless!)
    -How to calculate the value of your visitors in the PPCSE's
    -A review of over 45 of the best affiliate directories on the net that contains thousands of great money making affiliate programs ($19.95 Value)
    -All the secrets you need to make over $18,000 a month automatically without a web site or product of your own!
  • Price: $49.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Affiliate Money Tree Handbook
Affiliate Money Tree Handbook
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