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How I Trained My Dog In One Evening
 Name of book:How To Train Your Dog In One Evening
 Author:Ellen Langton
 Blurb:The secrets a retired plumber and his wife used to train their out of control dog in one evening!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Dog, Dog Training
  • This Book Is Loaded With 78 Other Dog Training Secrets That Work Just As Fast. They were all put together by a panel of dog experts with over 80 years of experience between them. Obedience trainers, show dog trainers, breeders, veterinary technicians even the folks who train those police K-9 dogs.
    I?¡¥m told that many of the secrets in this book have never been revealed to regular dog owners before. That they were part of the private bag of tricks used by these pros. For example, on page 24, they tell you what you can do in one night that practically guarantees your dog will never run out of the yard again (and amazingly, it has absolutely nothing to do with chains or fences).
  • They also reveal secrets like:
    -The nifty little trick police officers use to always make sure their dogs come when they're called and how it can work like magic for your dog too
    -How to stop your dog from digging holes all over your yard page 37
    -The exact number of toys your dog should have and why making this simple change can trigger a huge difference in your dogs behavior
    -If you have a dog that bites, here?¡¥s the one game you should never play with them page 52
    -How to make all your trips to the vet stress-free (these 2 simple tricks are lifesavers for anyone with a shy or nervous dog)
    -Why feeding your dog this certain food can cause digging problems page 38
    -Imagine your dog coming up and telling you when he has to go potty it?¡¥s for real and here's how to do it - see page 14
  • Here are just a few examples of what I?¡¥m talking about:
    -The 3 big mistakes almost everyone makes when calling their dogs page 23
    -2 words that can immediately stop your dog from chewing and they aren't stop or no
    -A remarkable product that has even the spunkiest of dogs healing in minutes page 48
    -The single most important command you can ever teach your dog see page 42
    -The huge mistake almost everyone makes with dogs that run away and how you can fix it in less than a day
    -The easy 4 step system that eliminates potty training accidents and will save you a bundle of time and money if your dog is dirtying your carpets.
  • They Also Let You In On Secrets Like:
    -How to stop your dog from jumping all over people (10 tricks used by the pros with their own dogs)
    -The surprising technique on page 64 that instantly relaxes even the most nervous or excited dogs
    -Over 4 million people are bitten by dogs each year - and 28% of those turn into lawsuits (here's 5 ways to make sure your dog doesn't land you in court)
    -What K-9 police do to keep their dogs from barking (it's so fun and easy, even your children can do it)
    -A quick way to stop your dog from chewing up everything in the house page 56
    -The 7 golden rules experts use with their own dogs (they'll have folks mistaking you for a professional dog trainer in just a few days).
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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How I Trained My Dog In One Evening
How I Trained My Dog In One Evening
Price: $29.95