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Tropical Fish Secrets
 Name of book:Tropical Fish Secrets
 Author:Sean LeMay
 Author bio:My name is Sean LeMay, and I've been passionate about tropical fish for over 30 years. More important, during these 30+ years, I've uncovered hundreds of tips, techniques and secrets about tropical fish that no one else seems to know.
 Blurb:Definitive Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Tropical Fish. Plus 2 GREAT BONUS BOOKS!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Fish Care, Tropical Fish
  • This breakthrough new book covers everything you NEED to know about your Tropical Fish and Aquarium. You?¡¥ll uncover all kinds of exciting tips ?- from how to pick your first aquarium and keep it clean to how to keep your fish healthy forever ?- with practically no work!
  • To help you decide if "Tropical Fish Secrets" is for your you or not, here's a sneak peak at some of the secrets revealed in it:
    -What type of aquarium is best for YOU--saltwater or freshwater.
    -A little-understood secret that will keep the water in your aquarium crystal clear.
    -3 easy steps you need to do every day?athat prevent BIG problems down the road.
    -The 6 special rules you NEED know to prevent you from accidently killing your fish!
    -The number one thing you need to do before you set up your new aquarium.
    -How to buy the best fish--6 things to look for when stocking your aquarium.
    -How to know exactly how much to feed your fish.
    -How to keep your water warm, reduce heat loss and save money, all at the same time.
    -Which foods to avoid because of parasites.
    -Easy tactics to control water chemistry.
    -Where NEVER to put your aquarium.
    -When exactly to introduce fish to your NEW tank--if you don?¡¥t know this they might not make it.
    -How "drip loops" can keep you and your fish from getting fried.
    -How to keep your fish in the tank.
    -A simple strategy for establishing and maintaining a saltwater REEF tank!
    -The minimum sized tank you should begin with.
    -What to do if a fish starts to swim on its side.
    -The easiest way to prevent a tidal wave in your living room.
    -The truth about using a background.
    -The 10 essential ingredients for your Fish First Aid Kit.
    -The single biggest reason tanks get dirty--and how to avoid it.
    -3 little-known factors that are essential to plant health.
    And that?¡¥s just a fraction of what you get with "Tropical Fish Secrets"!
  • The information you learn could easily save you 10 times the price! Without it you will make expensive mistakes:
    -wrong size of tank,
    -wrong type of aquarium,
    -poor equipment,
    -incompatible fish,
    -poor water conditions,
    -dead fish
    or worse!
  • Here's more of what "Tropical Fish Secrets" will teach you:
    -In the chapter about SUBSTRATES (that?¡¥s a fancy name for the sand or gravel material that goes in the bottom of your tank), you learn about 6 different types -- how deep it should be -- what NOT to use -- and why substrate is important for the fish, the filtering system, the plants and the crustaceans!
    -In the LIVE PLANTS section we reveal the most popular varieties -- which ones make a good centerpiece -- how to choose and care for them -- what makes the best growing medium -- the best lighting for plants -- the ideal temperature -- what the proper CO2 level should be and how to keep it there easily.
    -In the FILTRATION section you?¡¥ll learn the 3 main types of filtration, the 4 most popular categories of filtration devices and how to choose the right one for your aquarium.
    -In the FOOD section we discuss: basic food tips -- how much and how often to feed -- how to recognize and understand your fish's feeding habits -- 27 different types of foods you can feed your fish, their nutritional composition and even what vitamins may be necessary.
    -In the WATER QUALITY section you learn about ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, GH, KH, pH, chlorine and chloramine, what they are, what level they should be and how to keep them there?-easily and inexpensively
    And there?¡¥s more! Loads More! ... a full 85 pages of pure information!
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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