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Home >> Home & Family >> Pets >> Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
 Name of book:Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
 Author:Adam G. Katz
 Blurb:Get Your Dog To Listen To You, Anywhere You Go... And Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • The information basically covers all three categories of training your dog: fixing dog problems, tips and secrets to use in your everyday training, and buying and raising a new puppy or older dog. It applies to all breeds and ages of dogs. It doesn't matter if you own an old dog or a young one, the information is, in some cases, shocking! You'll be saving time and money, avoiding mistakes and disastrous situations, and learning secrets other people only wish they knew. Here are a few things I discuss that will start getting your dog to listen to you, immediately.
  • Here's a small sample of the secrets you'll learn for fixing any dog problem:
    -One thing you must do so that your dog will understand why you're correcting him.
    -Learn how every top dog trainer in the country actually relates to their dog... their most guarded secrets are revealed!
    -5 secrets you must know to housebreak your dog in a hurry!
    -How to praise your dog so that your praise has meaning!
    -Aggression and how to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.
    -How to teach your dog to never bolt out the front door again...
    without permission of course.
    -Handling tips for dealing with the dominant dog.
    -Seven key insider points you must know before you hire a dog trainer.
    -Discover hidden bogus marketing gimmicks and false "guarantee" tricks that can cost you thousands if you hire a less-than-professional dog trainer... and you'd never know it!
    -3 things you must add to your dog training 'bag of tricks'... unless you want to take twelve times longer to fix your dog's problems.
    -Stop your dog from jumping up on you... forever!
    -The terrible truth about training the pit bull (it's not what you think!)
    -Works On Any Breed Of Dog - Even the toughest breeds... Like Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas, Chows, Terriers, Greyhounds, Huskies... My slogan is, "We Can Train Any Dog!"
    -Easy For Anyone To Use - Once you understand how to use the same dog training equipment and techniques that I use, you'll realize that you don't need muscle, strength, expert timing or "intuitive" sense of dog language to get amazing results.
    -Safe And Fun For You And Your Dog - No "violence." No hitting. No abuse. I don't put up with that kind of nonsense, and neither should you. Once you learn how to give properly timed corrections and motivational praise, you'll notice your dog's confidence begin to skyrocket and she'll start to really love you as the "pack leader" or "alpha dog" in her life.
  • Here's a small sample of some time-saving secrets you'll learn for your everyday training:
    -How to speed up training results by taking advantage of your dog's instincts
    -An amazingly simple way to get fast results using your dog's "ball drive"
    -The right way to use food in your training program (hint: don't use food as a bribe!)
    -Insider secrets on how to easily use a 30 foot long line for off-leash training
    -The top 4 ways to communicate with your dog
    -Discover the most important difference between the pinch collar and the choke chain
    -What is dog training, and how do you really get quick results
    -How to use vocal tonation and voice inflection to get the most out of your dog.
  • Here's a small sample of the secrets you'll learn about buying and raising a puppy or adopting an older dog:
    -Best kept secrets on how to choose the right dog for you
    -Rules about specific breeds that will debunk the myths and nonsense perpetuated in the breed books you find at pet stores
    -The truth about adopting a puppy from the dog pound
    -Tips you can use if you're considering adopting a puppy as a house pet or companion dog.
    -If you're choosing a dog for competition, you'll need to know this key point
    -How to raise your puppy like the professionals raise their puppies
    -Why selecting the right individual dog within a breed is 1000% more important than which breed you choose
    -How to know if you're paying too much, or too little for your dog
    -The importance of drive and temperament if you want a dog that will be easy to train
    And many more tips and secrets!
  • Price: $49.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer!
Price: $49.97