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Books On Sales Improvement For 'techies'
 Name of book:Selling for Engineers
 Author:Robert Seviour
 Blurb:How to sell technical products - a good introduction for new people and a valuable refresher for those with experience.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Selling Technical Services, Selling Technical Products
  • The 'Selling for Engineers' manual is a complete training course teaching you everything you need to be successful at winning orders for technical products and services. For sales engineers and anyone in a business-development role supplying professional, technical services, major capital purchases or any technical products. Whether you are a one-man-band or a multi-national corporation, this is a treasure-trove of information. The course is the complete contents of the Selling for Engineers seminar which the author has presented over 600 times worldwide.
  • The manual is intended for:
    -New recruits
    -People converting from other roles into sales
    -External sales representatives
    -Sales professionals
    -Business owners
    -Experienced sales people who need a refresher.
    -Sales managers.
  • Table of Contents:
    -The reason that most 'techies' are not 'natural' sales people
    -Sales basics for beginners
    -How to prospect for business
    -Meeting the prospect - the sales interview:
    -The sales presentation
    -Understand the personality type of the buyer and adapt your message accordingly
    Dealing with the tough parts of sales
    -Asking for the order
    -Good answers to difficult objections
    -Dealing with 'difficult' buyers
    -Handling rejection
    -Common reasons for lack of sales success - and what to do about them
    -Building your confidence
    -Keeping your motivation high
    -A refresher for older/experienced sales people
    -Guiding principles for Sales Managers
    -Upselling - expanding the order
    -How to win repeat business.
    -Don't 'one-night-stand' your customers
    -Professional complaint-handling
    -How to grow fast but stay successful long-term; the reasons for the rise and fall of companies
    -The 'Sales Process Flow Chart'.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Books On Sales Improvement For 'techies'
Books On Sales Improvement For 'techies'
Price: $37.00