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Home >> Health >> Fitness >> Bodybuilding And Steroids With Mick Hart
Bodybuilding And Steroids With Mick Hart
 Name of book:The Layman's Guides to Steroids Book I and II
 Author:Mick Hart
 Author bio:I am a fully qualified BAWLA Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor and have been in professional bodybuilding. Writer of two best sellers on the subject of steroids. In bodybuilding, not only have I competed at a high level myself, but I have coached and trained. As for steroid knowledge, cycling and safety methods, many of the world's TOP pro's have sought my advice. I am the leading bodybuilding and anabolic steroid Advisor to the British media including the BBC and ITV. I have also written for all of the leading bodybuilding magazines MuscleMag etc, and many other very famous globally distributed magazines such as FHM, Later, Men's Health etc. Have also designed AND built 479 gyms and clubs all over the UK.
 Blurb:Mick Hart's awesome, hot selling, bodybuilding and anabolic steroids guides
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Steroids, Bodybuilding
  • The best selling "Layman's Guides" steroid books provide some of the absolute very best steroid reading ever published. The information in these books will:
    -Explain steroids and their use to you better than any other steroid publication available
    -This "steroid education" will save you money and protect your health
    -Raise your level of understanding.
    -Probably save you years of "gym time"
    -Share the same "inside information" normally only reserved for the pro's.
    -Seriously make you laugh.
  • This is the first steroid book in the Layman's Guide series. It will also serve as an excellent refresher for the intermediate and more advanced user:
    -In the first section you'll learn some basics about the background on steroids, the big secrets that the top people will never tell you. Where and how steroids originated, what you can expect to gain with steroids and the different forms of taking them. Here's a few more details. Why there is NOTHING natural on the market which can replace steroids.
    -Where did steroids originate? Discover the secret of the Greek Olympians, probably the very first users of steroids - did you know this?
    -Gains attainable today. Do you know how much you can realistically expect to gain with steroids today?
    -Orals or injectables? And other forms of taking steroids!
    -In the second section you'll learn more about the basics of stacking as well as taking a look at a suggested oral cycle. Also you'll learn about receptor sites, staggering methods, androgens, and see a mass building cycle.
    -Methods of usage/stacking/pyramids. So how long exactly should your cycle be - 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks?
    -Suggested oral cycle. See a proven 10 week dianabol cycle, explained to the very last tab, learn how many tabs to take and at what point during the day so that it's not too hard on the system.
    -Receptor sites? A no bull, simple, and easy to understand layman's explanation of receptor sites. You won't find a better "non scientific" explanation anywhere.
    -Staggering methods. Basically staggering means that you can induce other steroids at certain times in order to enhance the properties of the one that you are already on and increase it's effectiveness.
    -High & Low androgens. Learn about the 2 basic types of steroids, and understand terms like "aromatization", "virilization", "gynecomastia" etc.
    -Mass building cycle. An example mass building cycle complete with daily dosages and a simple, easy to follow chart, so that you can use the information right away yourself and start experiencing serious gains starting from your next workout.
  • The book includes:
    -Natural supplements with steroids. Which supplements should you take?
    -Food compositions. What you need to know about carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, together with a breakdown of fat solubles.
    -Targeting the amino intake, and amino loading. Discover a tip that will ensure that aminos are attracted to the stimulated muscle area like a "heat seeking missile."
    -Side Effects. A look at the two most common side effects, "water retention" and "acne", and how to combat them; as well as an overview of the other documented side effects.
    -Steroid Descriptions. A simple, clear, concise and informative look at the most commonly used steroids, typical dosages, what each does to you, etc. Includes the most popular orals and injectables. All in an easy to understand language - you won't need a bachelors degree in chemistry to understand them!
    -Counterfeits. A quick note about counterfeits and a simple explanation of generic steroids.
  • In the Layman's Guide to Steroids II you'll build on the basics that you learned in the first book in the series. Here's a closer look at exactly what you'll discover.
    -The Public View
    -Side Effects v Us
    -Using and Abusing
    -Too Much? Too Little?
    -Steroid Clearance Times
    -Injection Procedures and Safety
    -Training On and Off Steroids
    -Steroids for the Older Man
    -Supplements Plus
    -Dieting Off & On Steroids
    -A Selection Of Steroids In Use Today
    -Growth Hormone
    -Insulin Usage, Good or Bad?
    -Nubain, The Sad Intervention
    -Recovery Factors, How Important?
    -A Question Mick.
  • Price: $39.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Bodybuilding And Steroids With Mick Hart
Bodybuilding And Steroids With Mick Hart
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