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Home >> Health >> Mental Health >> Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce
Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce
 Name of book:How To Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce
 Author:Michael Daniel
 Blurb:Legally Save Massive Amounts of Money on Your Divorce.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Divorce, Relationship
  • Based on real life experiences my new book took me 5 years to write and the result is,"How To Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce". The information is not freely available on the Internet and it's professionally edited with over 100 information packed pages and over 32,000 words this book is a must read if you don't want to waste thousands of dollars on your divorce.
  • Well it teaches you:
    -What is the most effective techniques to finding a GREAT lawyer? (p. 24)
    -What should you watch out for when you first meet your lawyer? (p. 25)
    -Three things make the biggest difference to your divorce costs.
    -And what to do about them? (p.10)
    -What does your lawyer NOT want you to find out?
    -And why should you find out anyway? (p. 17)
    -Why are divorce costs often under reported? (p. 18)
    -Discover some amazing things your lawyer WILL charge you for? (p. 19)
    -Charges you would be crazy not to know about before hand. (p. 19)
    -What should you NEVER discuss with your lawyer?
    -It?¡¥s not what you think. (p. 19)
  • What do you need to know:
    -Should you make friends with your divorce lawyer? (p. 20)
    -What helps your lawyer and hurts you? (p. 22)
    -When is a paralegal a better choice? (p. 22)
    -When is a lawyer a better option? (p. 24)
    -What big issue causes most financial problems in a divorce settlement? (p. 27)
    -Who can cause you bigger headaches then your EX? (p. 28)
    -What should you know about your EX's lawyer? (p. 28)
    -How to immediately gain an "edge" over your EX? (p. 29)
    -What is it that you shouldn't expect from your bank?
    -Even if you have been a great customer. (p. 30)
    -What kind of "snooping" can help your case? (p. 31)
    -What can you do to increase your credibility in court?
    -Most people don't think of this one! (p. 32)
    -What will your lawyer let you do for yourself that can save big money? (p. 33)
    -How can you reduce the cost of legal communication?
    -And still know exactly what's going on? (p. 35)
    -How to deal with a frustrating lawyer?
    -And what you should expect from him or her. (p. 38)
    -What should you always have with your lawyer?
    -Most people assume they don't need one. (p. 39)
    -How can being emotionally strong save you money? (p. 42)
    -How to recognize and deal with an emotional bully? (p. 43)
    -Where should you avoid discussing your feelings of anger?
    -This mistake can cost you dearly. (p. 44)
  • You should know:
    -How do you find hope when divorce clouds your thinking? (p. 44)
    -Why does divorce hurt so bad? Learning to understand yourself. (p. 45)
    -What can happen if you confide in the wrong person? (p. 52)
    -Why during divorce do some friends disappear?
    -And how to deal with it head-on? (p.53)
    -Isn't everyone's EX insane?
    -Making sense in a time of confusion. (p. 55)
    -Does divorce mean you don't believe in marriage? (p. 56)
    -How to find "peace" when everything hurts? (p. 58)
    -What are the benefits of being single again? (p. 59)
    -How can anger increase your divorce costs by thousands?
    -And how to avoid it? (p. 60)
    -What should you NOT do if you try to reconcile with your EX? (p. 64)
    -What technique prevents the 'he/she said' syndrome? (p. 64)
    -What are the top 10 ways to deal with the lonely holidays? (p. 66)
    -Why effective negotiation can save your divorce thousands of dollars? (p. 71)
    -What is the right way to ask for something? And the wrong way? (p. 72)
    -How to offer something in a divorce negotiation without getting "ripped-off"? (p. 74)
    -What kind of game is negotiation and why is it different from other games? (p. 77)
    -Why are deadlocks expensive?
    -And what to do if you find yourself in a deadlocked situation? (p.78)
    -What?¡¥s the best way to deal with a pushy negotiating lawyer? (p. 79)
    -How can you sweeten an offer without costing you money? (p. 80)
    -What can you do to get around a rejected divorce offer? (p. 81)
    -What should you NEVER do in a divorce negotiation? (p. 81)
    -And what should you do if your lawyer wants to try? (p. 81)
  • It tells you about:
    -What negotiation technique can you use with a "modern twist"?
    -It can deliver surprising results! (p. 82)
    -How can you make your EX think you've given up something valuable?
    -Even when it isn't? (p. 83)
    -How to "psych-out" the other side, even when they try it on you?
    -It?¡¥s a "judo-like" technique. (p. 85)
    -How to use silence to your advantage? (p. 85)
    -What should you prepare BEFORE you negotiate to gain maximum advantage? (p. 87)
    -What should you never do in a negotiation with your EX? (p. 88)
    -What kind of pressure SHOULD you apply? (p. 89)
    -How to deal with a hostile EX? (p. 89)
    -How to deal with a hostile lawyer? (p. 91)
    -How to offer the same item, but make it more ATTRACTIVE? (p. 92)
    -How to deal with different negotiation styles and get more of what you want? (p. 94)
    -What technique first appears as a mistake but gives you the advantage? (p. 97)
    It teaches you step-by-step what to say and do so that you keep control of your divorce. This is the information you want sooner rather then later as the days slip by and the bills go higher and higher.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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