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Improving Concentration
 Name of book:Improving your Focus and Concentration
 Author:Gardar Gardarsson
 Author bio:PNLP
CEO, Astromind Cognitive Research and Development
 Blurb:Brainbuilding and Mind Development.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Concentration, Meditation
  • The Focus Power Program is a self paced, facilitated program that gives you easy-to-follow instructions on how to test, measure, and improve your mental focus and concentration quickly and easily.
  • The Focus Power Program Includes:
    -A comprehensive step-by-step e-book training manual, with tests, techniques, exercises and support materials.
    -Access to the Focus and Concentration Improvement community and resources.
    -Personal assistance from the program facilitator.
    -Notifications of product developments, improvements and innovations.
    -Updates on the latest mind development and brainbuilding techniques.
  • How The Focus Power Program Works:
    -Step1 Take three simple tests to measure your focus and concentration performance levels to establish a baseline in order to measure and monitor future performance improvements.
    -Step2 Quiet and calm your mind with a very simple but powerful technique that allows you stop internal dialog and improve your focus and concentration dramatically.
    -Step3 Practice the simple and easy daily exercises that help you get control over your mind and attention. Research has shown that the best way to improve your focus and concentration is to practice a little bit every day.
    On the whole this includes everything you need to improve your focus and concentration quickly and easily.
  • Lets take a look at just a few of the many important things you?¡¥ll be able to do with the Focus Power Program:
    -Quickly and easily improve your mental focus and concentration by 50% or more in three weeks.
    -Stop your internal dialog and mental chatter in it's tracks in a matter of minutes and replace it with a deep inner clam and stillness.
    -Concentrate at will and examine in depth any given topic, even in extremely distracting situations for extended periods of time and with less effort.
    -Keep your mind glued to tasks that need to be completed and prevent irrelevant sights and sounds from disrupting your attention.
    -Stop yourself from mentally tuning out and drifting away even though you are bored, tired or sleepy.
    -Get a lot more done in less time and effortlessly handle many projects and tasks at the same without losing control.
    -Easily overcome restlessness, frustration and irritation and maintain emotional balance and control even under extreme pressure.
    -Prevent careless and costly mistakes by being able to pay exquisite attention to details and spot hidden problems that others overlook.
    -End physical and cognitive restlessness and addictive behavior and clear away the obstacles and thought patterns that sabotage mental clarity.
    -Solve problems faster and more effectively and finish in minutes what takes others hours or even days to complete.
    -Skillfully plan in what order to do a series of tasks or activities and make better decisions and plans that are easier to achieve.
    -Think more clearly, reason more effectively and recall facts and figures with more clarity and detail.
  • Price: $55.00 - Get Ebook Now
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