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End Insomnia & Sleep Problems - Tonight!
 Name of book:End your insomnia problems tonight with effective sleep solutions
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Solve your sleep problems with these effective sleep solutions. No medication! Fall asleep as you go to bed.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Insomnia, Sleep
  • This e-book sets out, step- by- step, explicit instructions how to use the original, innovative and effective techniques I developed. You will find the unusual methods are set out in such a straightforward, easy to follow manner you will be able to start using them immediately. What is more important, these methods will help you cure your sleep problems without having to use any harmful, habit-forming sleeping pills, drugs or any natural remedies. You don?¡¥t need medication of any kind.
  • I have listed these remedies for curing insomnia below. I tried them all. They do offer sound, common-sense advice:
    -Don?¡¥t indulge in a heavy meal with a lot of alcohol before going to bed.
    -Don?¡¥t drink tea, coffee or any substance with caffeine because it has a stimulating effect.
    -Make sure that your bedroom is quiet, warm an airy.
    -Avoid unnecessary sleep disturbing draughts.
    -Make sure your bedroom is sufficiently darkened. Light from an outside source can often disturb you.
    -If you are sensitive to noise do your best to change your sleeping conditions.
    -Try a warm bath before going to bed to help you relax.
    -Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.
    -Even on week-ends when you don?¡¥t have to get up early , try and stick to your usual time schedule.
    -Listen to soothing music is before going to bed.
    -Don?¡¥t have short naps during the day.
    -Spend at least a half an hour in daylight during the day.
    -Have a glass of warm milk before going to bed.
    -Make sure your bed is comfortable ¡§C not too hard or soft.
    -Don?¡¥t watch an exciting movie before going to bed.
    I tried all these recommendations but didn?¡¥t find them of much value. I wanted effective solutions that would cure my insomnia.
  • My first step was to start with an in-depth study of every aspect of sleep. I wanted to understand more about:
    -The nature and function of sleep.
    -How much sleep a person really needed
    -Why some people needed more sleep than others.
    -Why some well-known personalities who suffered from severe insomnia were still able to live productive lives.
    -The causes of sleeplessness
    -The physical and psychological effects of sleep deprivation
    -The effect of stress on sleep.
    My goal was to develop a set of effective techniques that could be relied upon to induce sleep every time they were used.
  • If you are one of the millions who suffer from the discomfort and misery of insomnia, you will find these Effective Sleep Solutions will help you put an end to your insomnia in the same way as they have helped me. End your Insomnia problems tonight with effective sleep solutions. The e-book I have written, describes these unusual, highly effective methods very clearly.
  • Price: $29.95 - Get Ebook Now
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End Insomnia & Sleep Problems - Tonight!
End Insomnia & Sleep Problems - Tonight!
Price: $29.95