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Home >> Health >> Mental Health >> The Solution To Anxiety & Panic Disorder
The Solution To Anxiety & Panic Disorder
 Name of book:The Linden Method
 Author:Charles Linden
 Author bio:Charles Linden, BA (Hons.), runs a private practice specialising in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Charles writes for a number of influential web resources and is chair of The International Association of Anxiety Management and a member of The National Mental Health Association. He also contributes to multiple International health magazines and newspapers such as Women?¡¥s Health, Top Sante, Yoga Magazine and Woman, The Express, Natural Health, Woman's Own and many more. Charles also publishes audio and video anxiety treatment material on International release with media present in libraries, anxiety management groups, community groups and doctor's surgeries.
 Blurb:Treat the root cause of anxiety disorders with THE unique, fast and permanent solution - The Linden Method.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Anxiety, Linden Method
  • The method:
    -is written by an ex-anxiety and panic attack sufferer who understands completely how you feel and knows EXACTLY what to do about it
    -is sympathetic to the things that make an anxiety disorder sufferer feel worse, panicky and constantly full of fear. The method only offers support, understanding and definite solutions
    -doesn't smother you with many, many techniques you can try, some that work and some that don't...IT JUST OFFERS ONE METHOD THAT WORKS!
    -is written in simple, easy to understand language
    -doesn't require hours of listening to CDs or doing exercises
    -offers a comprehensive 'holistic' solution, addressing the ROOT of the problem not just a single element
    -uses a unique alternative to conventional anxiety reduction 'programs' -which take hours of practice, listening to audio and making notes. The -Linden Method is read once and implemented, that is, in essence, IT.
  • Here is some of the information you will find in my method pack:-
    -The Linden Method:The full method that myself and many others from around the world have followed in order to completely turn our lives around and change the way we feel ... forever.
    -The Panic Attack Eliminator:The most amazing technique for stopping panic attacks that you will ever find. Some do this once, some twice and it works! I can't tell you how powerful this amazes psychologists, doctors and sufferers all the time. The effect is instant and permanent, it just needs to be understood and done.
    -A little known way to get to sleep and stay asleep (without waking up with 'night frights', racing heart, sweats, etc):I'll show you how to use a natural sleep enhancer and tell you what causes sleeplessness, night time anxiety & panic attacks and show you EXACTLY what to do about it.
    -A proven method for overcoming agoraphobia:Without the intervention of medication and damaging ??face your fear? techniques which worsen anxiety.
    -How to stop disturbing symptoms and thoughts in their tracks:My method will help you to disempower negative, frightening and disturbing thoughts, sensations and constant fear using a fast and permanent method.
    -The sad truth about anxiety medication:Overcoming the medication trap and learn the secrets of reducing and eventually quitting your medication for good, a process I will explain to you in detail that will empower you in this process.
    -Discover a simple diet that will help you feel better and build energy levels:The diet has been specifically compiled for anxiety sufferers by myself and qualified dieticians; it will help you to stabilise the bodily systems that cause anxiety whilst providing you with the correct combination of food groups, vitimins and minerals in order to become stronger and healthier.
    -A fact about blood sugar levels, anxiety disorder & panic disorder:I'll tell you about how your blood sugar could be affecting your levels of anxiety, and show you a way of redressing the imbalance.
    -How other people can HELP you to become well again:How to get the best from the people who care most about you and the facts they need to help them ? help you?.
    -Information about how smoking, posture and alcohol and the TRUTH about why and how they impact on anxiety disorders...and what to do about it.
  • You can download the full Linden Method Manual and this includes:
    -My full personal story of my experience and the method that I and thousands of other people have used to rid ourselves of anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.
    -'The Nine Pillars' The backbone of the Linden method and the pricipals that will lead you to an anxiety and panic attack free life.
    -The Guide for Carers, The Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks Symptoms Guide and much more.
  • Price: $82.5 - Get Ebook Now
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The Solution To Anxiety & Panic Disorder
The Solution To Anxiety & Panic Disorder
Price: $82.5