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Home >> Health >> Medicine >> The Complete Newbie's Guide To Raising
The Complete Newbie's Guide To Raising
 Name of book:The Complete Newbie's Guide To Raising Chickens In A Back Yard
 Author:Harold Kern
 Blurb:Selling a book to teach others how to raise chickens in their backyard and how to build a coop from scratch.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Chickens, Poultry Farm
  • I will reveal to you:
    -How To: Keep your own flock of chickens (and other poultry too) in your own backyard, even if you live in the city or suburbs.
    -What chickens breed to buy, from a list of 38 different breeds that fit your desired purpose.
    -How To: Use your chickens to produce quality eggs and meat, that you can sell, and that will give you an extra stream of income. -- Pages 45-57 & 60-67
    -How To: Choose the perfect chicken breed for your desired purpose, whether it's producing meat/eggs, for shows, or just for a pet. (I have included a chart with 38 breeds of chickens you can select from). -- Pages 9 & 10
    -FREE Coop Plans. Just follow these connect-by-the-dots blueprints for building your own chicken coops with ease and with easy-to-find, low-priced materials
    -How To: Raise hens and roosters for egg production and for expanding your flock, how to hatch eggs and determine which ones are fertilized, and how to take care of new-born chicks.
    -How To: Raise chickens for shows or for using them as pets. -- Pages 67-72
    -What foods you should use for feeding to have healthy, happy, and productive chickens.
    -How To: Prevent 6 common and deadly poultry diseases that could finish off your entire flock and how to handle the chickens that are already sick. -- Pages 19-24
    -How To: Keep away threatening enemies from your chickens, and how to easily handle strange chicken behavior such as cannibalism and egg-eating.
  • And if you ever wanted to know:
    -What period of the year is best for raising your chicken flock
    -Which chicken breed is the most effective for producing eggs and meat, which stock is the best for shows, and which one is the most suitable to raise as a pet.
    -How to quickly and easily work up an effective chicken coop from scratch, with dirt-cheap materials, and with basic and common building skills
    -Which 8 essential details you should keep in mind while building your own coop
    -How to detect if your chickens have parasites (like worms, lice, and mites) and how to get rid of them
    -Which 2 things you should let your chickens eat to make them grow happier and healthier... and it doesn't costs you a dime
    -How to keep 7 different types of enemies away from your precious flock
    -How often you should give maintenance and cleaning to the coops
    -What factors make your chickens lose their feathers, and how to stop it
    -Where to quickly and cheaply get an effective nesting box for your hens
    -What 2 methods you can use to feed your chickens, and what advantages and disadvantages does each one has
    -How much space your chicken coop needs to have per chicken
    -How to know what's going on while they are hatching and how to determine if an egg is fertilized
    -How to prevent and stop your chickens from eating each other
    -How you can make an extra income of money raising chickens
    And of course, a lot, lot more.
  • Price: $24.95 - Get Ebook Now
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The Complete Newbie's Guide To Raising
The Complete Newbie's Guide To Raising
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