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 Name of book:The Cancer Carer
 Author:Ben Brody
 Blurb:Information regarding cancer and care for patients.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Cancer, Cancer Care
  • Find out how the Principles and Methods that you will learn about from this site WILL unlock the doors to the truths that you need to know to combat cancer and give yourself the best chance to defeat this disease.
  • You will learn about:
    -Dealing with your initial reactions? Why us and what to do next?
    -The mindset of what your support people can do?
    -What happens when the numbness subsides?
    -What happens in Chemo Therapy?
    -What happens in Radio Therapy?
    -The side effects for the patient from Chemo and Radio Therapy?
    -The GP?
    -The appointments with the Surgeon, the Oncologist and the Radiologist?
    -Off to the health food shops?
    -Interesting statistics?
  • In this 147 page ebook you will learn about:
    -All about lifestyle choices therapy you can manage yourself.
    -Why swimming in salt water is a must if you can do it..and the alternative.
    -What to do when depression hits your doctor may not have forewarned you about this.
    -How to approach the day to day stuff
    -Doctor's outlooks how they can think some of the things that they think, and say some of the things that they say..and sometimes not say anything at all.
    -Stuff to find remedies
    -Why patience is a virtue
    -Big Sleep it's inevitable what to expect and how to deal with it.
    -Why you don't believe anything you hear see or read from the experts unless you verify for yourself
    -Getting out again why it's essential for patient and carer.
    -Foods to have and foods not to have.
    -Iron deficiencies common problem and what to do about it for a quick fix.
    -Understanding the patient's perspective. What an incredible opportunity to grow your business.
    -Learn the secrets used highly successful Practice owners, physical therapist with years of experience and even outside business consultants that have catapulted their profits through the roof. Download this awesome information right here, right now.
  • You will find:
    -The Body's fight why you should sleep when you are sleepy and eat when you are hungry and not feel like you are wasting time.
    -Disturbed sleep and/or irregular sleeping patterns and what you can do about it sleep
    -Mineral Supplements why they are so essential. discover the truth about once of the causes of the cancer epidemic.
    -Complimentary medicine, alternative treatments and how they interact.
    -Pneumonia and other life threatening infections.these are serious dangers during treatment why they occur and what to do to combat the problem.
    -When and why you should get to hospital immediately.
    -Temperature monitoring why you might die if you don't do it five times a day during a stage in your treatment.
    -Working on can it be accomplished?
    -Conspiracy Theory why we aren't being told all the facts.
    -Family and friends support..why it's one of the most important factors in the treatment.
    -Why it's important to feel loved from kids & animals & borrow a dog if necessary.
    -Headaches why they happen and what to do.
    -Hair loss and self image how everyone can help.
    -Three crucial things to maintain for patient and carer Attitude, Attitude & Attitude.
    -Calcium a delivery component for very important medicine.
    -The importance of B17 under the counter apricot kernels...are they dangerous?
    -The differing sleep patterns during treatment.
    -Stress and anger manageent when and why anger strikes.and other medical secrets.
    -And much more.
  • Price: $19.99 - Get Ebook Now
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