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Physical Therapy Success
 Name of book:Physical Therapy Success
 Author:Not Available
 Blurb:Marketing techniques to secure more referrals, increasing profit potential for physical therapy clinics.
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 Keywords:Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Read The 5 Free Techniques That Have Helped Many Physical Therapists more than Double Their Private Practice Profits.
  • The 5 free Techniques below can immediately be implemented into your business and you will see profits increase dramatically:
    -Technique 1: Three Marketing Strategies that are Guaranteed and Proven to increase your referral base.
    The first is essential. You must know how to recognize and get time with your referral sources. The real key is the ability to capture new patients for your practice. You will have proven strategies and actual dialogues that can be used to secure new referrals. The second technique is more highly advanced and focuses on getting your own referrals via direct consumer marketing (Partial Direct Access) and is applicable in any state. This is an invaluable technique and is how you should accumulate 75% or more of your patient base. Thirdly, you will learn how to significantly increase your case load without direct marketing to doctors or to the public. It is a mystery to us as to why people do not take advantage of this powerful tool.
    -Technique 2: Instilling a Sense of Ownership in the Therapist. This may be the single biggest opportunity to increase profits and retain a high quality staff.
    A staff physical therapist can be one of your biggest sources of revenue or become your biggest financial drain. The therapist who can not consistently keep a full schedule is costing you money! Conversely, the therapist with an ownership mentality, will do everything in their power to keep their schedule full and their clients satisfied. You will learn why and how to provide an incentive program for you clinicians. This technique will make your staff more money than they ever thought they could earn and will provide a substantial boost to the clinic's bottom line. This information will show you how to instill the ownership mentality.
    -Technique 3: Motivating your Front Office Staff has been shown to increase front office collections by up to 257%.
    The front office staff is critical to maximizing your profits. They are the first point of contact for all of your patients. A good impression can be beneficial, but a negative impression will quickly lead to disaster. This information will show exactly how to maximize front office collections while instilling a sense of ownership. This information is GUARANTEED to increase your bottom line profits. The information provided shows an incentive schedule for the front office staff that will get them motivated to maximize collections for every patient visit. This technique fosters team work and gives the staff a sense of ownership that will to increased productivity and collection of co-payments.
    -Technique 4: You have to be Unique and Sellable.
    You will see exactly how to differentiate yourself from your competition. This technique is absolutely crucial as it will be the reason you will get referrals. The information gives you a nice platform to set yourself apart from competing practices. Actual dialogues are included to GUARANTEE more patients.
    Get the raise you deserve or give yourself a sharp edge when competing with other therapists during the interview process. Use the information provided in the Physical Therapy Success Book and ask the the prospective employer if they offer these specific incentive schedules, marketing strategies, or educational programs. If they do, this may be a good practice to work for. If not, once they hear your ideas you will instantly be the leading candidate and should be highly sought after as an employee at a competitive salary. GUARANTEED!
    -Technique 5: It is Essential to Track Stats.
    You absolutely need an organized way to track statistics or productivity. How else can you determine which therapist is bringing in the revenue? Do not make the mistake of giving people raises based on personality or some other less tangible merit. This is a business. Track productivity and let all therapists know where they stand in relation to each other. This will help instill the ownership mentality but will dramatically increase profits, GUARANTEED! The information in the book will show examples of how
  • You will also learn:
    -Bring life into your clinic, it should be a motivating place to come to work and to receive therapy services.
    -75% of your case load without the initial physician referral This is a way that will guarantee a full schedule, if done correctly.
    -Learn how to use your patients as one of your biggest assets.
    -Why keeping track of statistics is essential! Learn how to hold staff accountable for increased productivity.
    -Honest open communication is critical to the success of any relationship or business. Learn the value of living this ideal.
    -Five techniques that will help you to map out the success of your therapy business - step-by-step.
    -What are the hidden benefits of implementing the "Ownership Mentality"? This will put you over the top.
    -Learn how to tap into your therapist and use their ideas to increase profit flow.
    -Why targeting your market as a physical therapist is vital to the growth of your business.
    -Learn the one thing that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. (Get this and you will be blessed with a full appointment book and a 2 month waiting list.)
  • Price: $44.97 - Get Ebook Now
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