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Massage Therapy Success
 Name of book:Massage Therapy Success
 Author:Amy Roberts
 Blurb:Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Massage Success, Massage Therapy
  • In 109 pages and 6 sections you will learn every trick to build up your "booked-out-for -years-massage-practice." You will learn:
    -The mindset of the most successful Massage Therapists in the world (Discover how the most successful and most respected Therapists think.)
    -Discover what business you are REALLY in (and no it's not the massage therapy business)
    -Find out the secret ingredient that if missing, guarantees a near empty appointment book.
    -Discover how dehydration is the greatest health enemy of the practising therapist
    -Why knowing and addressing your clients fears is a key factor in growing your business
    -The secret client booking technique to use when you are busy - This keeps everyone happy
    -Learn why not having written goals in your business is like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel.
    -How to stay positive when things go wrong - a sure fire strategy that works every time
    -Learn the "kept-under-wraps-till-now" technique that will clinch clients on the phone.
  • This book includes:
    -The techniques that will help you deal with feeling "overwhelmed" in your growing massage business permanently
    -The pre-greeting client ritual which makes a huge difference to client comfort. This insider tip is gold.
    -Learn how to get clients to call immediately - as soon as they see your ad
    -Your single most important asset in your massage business - not 1 in 100 Therapists knows this.
    -Discover the "Self Employed" trap and how you can avoid it sucking every ounce of joy in your practice.
    -The hidden financial risks in practising massage therapy - it is a crime that you're not taught this in college.
    -Stress and massage therapy - what they don't (but should) tell you about this important area.
    -The surprising first thing that clients notice about you. Knowing this tit-bit may be the missing-link in your repeat business problems.
    -Learn the absolute truth about "selling". This method will get you all the clients you need (without compromising your ideals) ever!
    -The dark side of massage therapy - How to deal with these inevitable uncomfortable issues Head On! So wished someone had explained this to me ( it would have saved me on numerous occasions over my first years of practice.)
    -Three techniques that will help you to map out the success of your therapy business - step-by-step.
    -Identify what specifically is bugging you about your massage therapy practice - then learn the system to stop these problems cold.
  • It further discusses:
    -Why your health is so crucial to your longevity in the business. -Learning these techniques will extend your practice by years.
    -The negativity dilemma - learn a technique that has rescued therapists and their practices.
    -Already on the path to a successful practice? Learn those hidden dangers and how to avoid them becoming a saboteur to your happiness.
    -Why targeting your market as a massage therapist is vital to the growth of your business. (And yes there are many target markets - not just one - for massage therapy)
    -How to build "rock-solid" credibility even if you have just graduated and this is your first massage!
    -Learn the one thing that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. (Get this and you will be blessed with a full appointment book and a 3 month waiting list.)
    -Why dropping your fee is the WORST thing you can do to get business (you will learn how to increase your fees and have your clients thanking you for it.)
    -The do's and don'ts of massage oil (you would not believe what some professionals are using for massage oil. They may as well go out and put it in their Saturn car!)
    -What to never, ever do when advertising your practice.
    -Understand how your beliefs about money could be holding you back - this will really shock you. Learn the right psychology for your success and happiness
    -Learn the secret of gaining years of experience in just one hour. This short cut will save years of stress
    -Learn the specific real world marketing tactics that absolutely work for a massage therapy practice. There is no theory here. Just school of hard knocks and testing to discover what really works. There is no holding back here - everything is revealed
    -Learn the single biggest mistake made by massage therapy practitioners world-wide and most importantly, learn how to banish it for ever.
  • This e-book is seven years of experience in building a massage practice of over 3000 clients. If you're starting out, this will be an incredible head start giving you all the inside running on what they don't teach you at college. If you're struggling, this book will show you how to get as many clients as you can handle in a jiffy. If you are an old hand with a successful practice, the information on setting up your business so that it runs on auto-pilot will allow you to enjoy the rewards of running a successful practice.
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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