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Makeup Secrets Revealed
 Name of book:Makeup Secrets Revealed
 Author:Lorette Lyttle
 Blurb:How to Look Great All The Time No Matter What.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Makeup, Beauty
  • Learn Step-By-Step Techniques With Pictures, Diagrams And Even Audio, To Make You Look And Feel Your Best.
  • Here's just a sample of what you will find in Makeup Secrets Revealed:
    -The real way to prevent, reduce, and banish wrinkles!
    -The "Big Mistake" many women make that actually causes you to look older! (And how to avoid it.)
    -The Number one Way To Make Yourself Appear More Beautiful instantly...Even If You Just Rolled Out Of Bed!
    -Two simple steps to create more "face time"...time that you can relax and focus on becoming beautiful.
    -The Most Important Secret To Having Great Skin (No, it's not a lotion or a fact, you probably won't find it anywhere near a makeup counter!)
    -Five easy things you can do today to become more matter what you have in your makeup case!
    -The "secret toner" that world class models use for perfect looking skin. (This will shock you! It doesn't come in a bottle, tube, or jar...)
    -The truth about "vitamin enhanced" moisturizers. Do you really need (The answer may surprise you.)
  • The book reveals:
    -The right way to cleanse your skin! Do this wrong and it could have the opposite effect.
    -What overlooked part of your body can make you look years younger, more energetic, and sexier...if only you'd stop ignoring it?
    -This secret ingredient in some moisturizers can help stop wrinkles dead in their tracks...and can help slow down your "facial aging process"...IF you use it in time!
    -What you must do to some makeup before you ever put it on your face!
    -Here's a tip...increased blood flow to your face can give you a radiant and youthful appearance almost overnight. Discover how to increase the blood flow to your face in one easy step!
    -Four secret ingredients you can add to your bath tonight that will soothe your skin, relax your muscles, exfoliate your body, and uplift your spirits! (Hint: You won't find these at the makeup counter!)
    -Nine ways to easily identify your skin type (And the three super important steps you must take before you try. Most people miss this and end up wearing the wrong makeup as a result!)
    -Are some makeup companies trying to hide gross ingredients by using big words and scientific terminolgy? Discover how to decipher the back of your makeup bottles and find out!
    -The seven most common face shapes...and how to matching your makeup to your face's shape can make you look more beautiful in a matter of seconds!
    -Are you using the right foundation? Discover three easy ways to tell which foundation is really best for you.
    -How to look better by using less base makeup!
    -What kind of foundation makeup is best for your skin type...oil based, water based, oil free, tinted, or cream?
  • The book also includes:
    -Five places on your face where makeup disasters occur...and how you can avoid them!
    -What kind of concealers can stand out on your face like a giant billboard? (Hint: They're everywhere and they contain colors that are nowhere to be found in anybody's skin tone...don't use these unless you want to look like a clown!)
    -The one color your concealer MUST have (unless you want people to think you're wearing a mask!)
    -How to test your concealer to make sure it matches your skin! (Hint: if it's an exact match then it's too dark!
    -The true quick fix that makes pimples invisible!
    How to abolish dark circles forever....even if you've been up all night!
    -The secret kind of face powder that professional makeup artists want to keep to themselves.
    -How to prevent sudden ourbrakes of "Shiny Face!" (You know what I mean...when your face suddenly looks like an oil slick!
    -The secret way that pro's apply blush (it's all in the brush strokes!)
    -The quick and easy way to discover your natural blush color!
    -The devastating beauty blunder that most women overlook!
    -The quick and easy secret to making your eyes look bigger and brighter!
    -How to make eyebrow tweezing totally painless
    -Eyeliner in the freezer?!? Find out how this can give you perfect looking eyes every time!
    -How to make your lips look full and sexy in one easy step!
    -How to make your lipstick look picture perfect for hours! (Hint: This has nothing to do with the actual lipstick itself!)
    -A runway model's secret to beautiful one-of-a-kind lipstick colors (your friends will beg you to tell them where you got that gorgeous shade..but it'll be your little secret!)
    -What is the best place in your house to put on your makeup? (Hint: It's usually NOT in front of your bathroom mirror or vanity!)
    -And much, much more.
  • Price: $14.97 - Get Ebook Now
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