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Slot Machine Advice E-Book
 Name of book:How to Really, Really Win at Slots
 Author:Tony R Frank
 Blurb:Slot machine strategies for thinking players. Learn solid slot playing methods for long-term success.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Slots, Casino
  • You are about to discover slot playing methods, tips and strategies that are guaranteed to make you a more savvy slots player. These are not useless slot secrets or magic tricks like you may have wasted money on before.
  • Casino slots have been taking too much money out of your pockets for too long. It's time to reverse the trend! Slot players like you and me can arm ourselves with solid information that will super charge the odds of winning. Knowledge is a powerful weapon against the One-Armed Bandits!
  • Inside this e-Book you'll discover:
    -The inner workings of the machines. We explore the inside of a slot. Knowing how it works can help you gain a huge advantage.
    -You will never again risk your money on just any machine that looks enticing. Certain slots you seek out, others you avoid like phony $100 bills!
    -How to be a slot detective. Tell immediately whether or not a machine is worth playing. Will it pump out cash, or steal your money?
    -Pick the loosest slot on the casino floor. I'll show you tricks on how to find those 98% payout machines. Every casino has a few.
    -You'll know how to recognize a good pay table when you see it. No more picking a slot because of its fancy name, it's the payout schedule that counts!
    -Tricks and tips on how to squeeze every last benefit out of the casino slot club, without it costing you a penny extra.
    -The facts and figures about tournament play and why Invitational Slot Tournaments are your best and cheapest vacation and entertainment value.
    -Most of all, by downloading today, you will discover the secrets of protecting your slot bankroll. Staying power assures you'll be around long enough for the jackpot to hit.
  • Price: $37.77 - Get Ebook Now
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Slot Machine Advice E-Book
Slot Machine Advice E-Book
Price: $37.77