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Traffic Ticket Secrets
 Name of book:Beat the System : Before It Beats You
 Author:Damon Dallah
 Blurb:Learn The Inside Secrets Others Have Used To Easily Beat A Speeding Ticket!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Speeding Ticket, Speeding Ticket Secrets
  • Traffic court insider breaks 5 years of silence and exposes a highly guarded loophole you can exploit to legally have your speeding ticket DISMISSED!
  • With Beat the System, you'll never have to:
    -take any pictures
    -secretly record the traffic stop
    -interview and bring witnesses
    -draw diagrams of the scene
    -testify on the stand
    -prove your innocence
    -or make embarrassing pleas for mercy.
  • Here's just a small taste of what you will learn:
    -How to get the judge to dismiss your whole case, without the help of a costly lawyer.
    -Find out which states allow you to speed and legally get away with it.
    -How to have a laser ticket thrown out in court over 90% of the time based on a technicality.
    -The one piece of evidence to ask for in court that the prosecution will never bring.
    -An excellent way to prevent the officer from showing up to court, without asking for a continuance.
    -How to disqualify each and every piece of evidence the prosecutor tries to use against you.
    -You will get SEVEN seperate scenarios for beating a radar speeding ticket.
    -How to prevent the prosecution from cheating in court.
    -How to get a second chance to defend yourself in the unlikely event you are found guilty.
    -You will receive different defenses for different violations.
    -Why you should not waste your time doing what other books tell you to do.
    Plus much, much more.
  • Here's some more sampling of what's in store for you:
    -Bring these documents with you to court and greatly INCREASE your chances of winning. (pgs. 65-74)
    -Do this with a simple pencil and make the officer feel like a complete fool. (pg. 152)
    -Find out the importance of reading the back of your ticket and the troubles that can occur if you don't. (pgs. 13-14)
    -I tell you exactly what to say when the police officer fails to show up for court to prevent the judge from rescheduling a new court date. (pg. 172)
    -Discover 7 powerful rights the government has given you when fighting your speeding ticket and when you should and shouldn't use them. (pgs. 17-19)
    -Discover what the cop is supposed to do during a traffic stop and how to use it against him in court. (pgs. 34-37)
    -Learn when a plea bargain is a good deal for you and when it's not. (pgs. 48-51)
    -How to handle a trial when the prosecutor fails to show up. (pg. 176-178)
    -A brilliant way to actually admit to speeding in front of the judge, but NOT get found guilty. Only admit to speeding in court by doing it this way. (pgs. 150-151)
    -The one thing you should NEVER do in court that the prosecutor may try to get you to do. (pgs. 46-47)
    -How to use a little known law to get a new trial in the event you are found guilty. (pgs. 179-181)
    -Discover and avoid three deadly mistakes people do before court that automatically loses the case for them. (pgs. 43-46)
    -How to find fatal flaws on your ticket and win your case even before you step foot inside the courtroom. (pgs. 76-77)
    -Discover the very first thing you should do when your case is called. (pg. 66)
    -How to use the radar gun's serial number to have it thrown out as evidence. (pg. 91-92)
    -How to beat a radar enforced speeding ticket within 2 minutes of the start of trial. (pg. 96-99)
    -How to beat a laser enforced speeding ticket each and every single time simply by doing this. (pgs. 125-129)
    -How to beat a pace enforced speeding ticket by asking only one question. (pgs. 133-138)
    -How to beat a construction zone speeding ticket by utilizing a virtually unknown law. (pgs. 114-120)
    -How to beat a school zone speeding ticket. (pgs. 121-124)
    -How to beat a VASCAR speeding ticket. (pgs. 139-149)
    -Seven clever ways to beat your speeding ticket without ever cross examining the police officer. (pgs. 78-84)
    -How to beat a moving radar speeding ticket. (pgs. 106-113)
    -The one thing you should never do in court that everyone does anyway. (pg. 46)
    -How to use a very powerful federal law to your advantage and almost always win your case every time. (pgs. 153-168)
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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