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Diy Gift Package & Craft Templates
 Name of book:Seriously Fun 3D-Shaped Box Templates
 Author:Janlia Chong
 Blurb:Innovative Diy Gift And Craft Templates For All Occasions.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Diy Gift, Craft Templates
  • Creative gift-giving or crafting has never been so easy. With 'Seriously Fun 3D-Shaped Box Templates'ebook collection learn valuable techniques on how to maximise your gifts and craft projects with minimum effort and materials required. The package includes:
    -33 high quality creative templates with hundreds of different unlimited uses
    -With full color illustrated easy to follow instructions
    -Fully printable and adjustable sizes
    -Extra letter (8.5"x11") sized templates perfect for computer crafting
    -Difficulty Rating for extra convenience
    -Versatile and economic, with tips and ideas
    -PC and Mac compatible
    -Special bonuses included.
  • These valuable creative ideas make excellent personal gift packaging or can make the ULTIMATE gift by themself. And the sizes are totally adjustable so you can package almost any gift in any shape or size. You can use them to jazz up your gifts and add a personal touch, or to make great decorations and arrangements for a perfect party, event or even crafts. You will really turn some heads with these great templates.
  • "Seriously Fun 3D-Shaped Box Templates" e-collection shares with you on the simplicity and effective ways you can make your life brighter and hassle-free. DIY Gift Package's professionally designed and high quality innovative gift box templates are practical and make excellent craft activities for kids of all ages. Also comes complete with easy to follow Step-by-Step illustrated instructions. You'll find:
    -Each template have their own different individual shape. Over 300 pages of HIGH QUALITY template designs and artwork
    -All templates come with full color illustrated instructions
    -Decorating tips and ideas
    -'Difficulty Rating' to help you assist with kids craft activities
    -And all you need is a Printer, Scissors, Paper and Board and Adhesive. Decorating materials are optional and totally up to you.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Diy Gift Package & Craft Templates
Diy Gift Package & Craft Templates
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