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Home >> Society >> Language >> How To Make Effortless Small Talk
How To Make Effortless Small Talk
 Name of book:How To Make Great Conversation & Small Talk
 Author:Sean McPheat
 Blurb:Learn The Tips, Techniques And Strategies And Never Be Tongue Tied Ever Again!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Conversation Tips, Communication
  • "How To Make Great Conversation & Small Talk" is the most practical, real-world techniques and strategies to kick-start your conversation and small talk skills. It includes 14 proven and effective ways to generate conversation and make small talk with anyone in any situation so you will NEVER feel uncomfortable EVER again. You will discover the amazing conversation and confidence building techniques, tips and strategies in the ebook.
  • At work, at rest or at play you will now be able to:
    -Start conversations quickly and easily
    -Make small talk without even trying
    -Build up rapport effortlessly with anyone you meet
    -Overcome your confidence and shyness worries
    -Get your point across without the waffle
    -Say "NO" and feel good about it
    -Stick up for yourself rather than just giving in
    -Have confidence all the time
    -Come back with witty one-liners
    Plus lots more.
  • Just look at what you will be able to do after you've ordered the ebook:
    -You will be able to make SMALL TALK with EVERYONE that you meet - they will think that you are an excellent communicator.
    -Learn the top 5 topics of conversation that people just love talking about
    -You will be able to move your body with confidence after reading our sections on BODY LANGUAGE
    -Learn the 3 THINGS you need to do in order to FEEL CONFIDENT in an instant
    -You will know how to say NO in an assertive and firm manner - and feel comfortable doing it as well!
    -Learn 20 witty one liners and phrases to use
    -You will know what makes people tick and how they see the world just by listening to the language that they use
    -You will learn how to communicate to different types of people and to tailor your conversation to suit the person
    -Learn the 7 SECRETS to building effortless rapport
    -You will be able to COMPLAIN effectively and with confidence when you receive bad service instead of accepting it and wishing that you had done something about it afterwards
    -You will learn techniques and methods to give feedback to people - both good and bad.
    -You will be able to communicate effectively with everyone at work regardless of their level or status
    -Discover techniques that will allow you to have the confidence to speak up in team meetings or with work colleagues?
    -You will be able to speak up in front of groups of people.
  • Here are the specific chapters:
    -Chapter 1 : The secret to making conversation and small talk with anyone and at any time
    -Chapter 2 : How to get people to talk to you?
    -Chapter 3 : How to create a favourable first impression with everyone that you meet
    -Chapter 4 : How to keep conversations going and how to control and steer the discussion
    -Chapter 5 : Awesome one liners for you to use - people will just love you for these!
    -Chapter 6 : Learn how to say NO and mean it - being assertive to the demands of others
    -Chapter 7 : How to feel great in an INSTANT - learn how to flip a switch and feel confident at once
    -Chapter 8 : How to complain effectively and get what you want - how to stand up for yourself
    -Chapter 9 : How to give tough messages and feedback
    -Chapter 10 : Advanced Communication Skills
    -Chapter 11 : How to speak up at meetings - how to get those thoughts out in the open instead of remaining silent
    -Chapter 12 : How to run meetings - how to chair and control meetings
    -Chapter 13 : Public speaking techniques - how to speak up in front of others with confidence and style
    -Chapter 14 : How to give winning presentations and be the envy of your peers.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Make Effortless Small Talk
How To Make Effortless Small Talk
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