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A Eulogy to Remember
 Name of book:A Eulogy to Remember
 Author:Kevin Burch
 Author bio:The author is a Funeral Presider and Public Speaker.
 Blurb:Write Great Eulogy - Guide By Prof Funeral Presider, W/ Samples, Poems, Quotes.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Eulogy, Funeral Speeches
  • "A Eulogy To Remember", includes all the know-how distilled into a simple, easy-to-use, step-by-step guide for creating great eulogy. Because to give a great eulogy, without all the pain and stress, you really need to just do six things:
    -Take a moment for yourself
    -Decide the kind of eulogy you want to create
    -Gather the information you need
    -Bring it all together into a flowing whole
    -Rehearse and refine your speech
    -Deliver the eulogy
    And by using the clear, easy-to-follow, six-step plan laid out in full in the guide, you'll get all the things that follow and more.
  • Here's 12 more reasons that this guide will help you easily write and deliver a great Eulogy:
    -Immediately see just what you need to do, step-by-step
    -Grasp the difference between the two kinds of eulogy – and instantly choose which is best for you
    -The three biggest mistakes people make in eulogies – and how to avoid them
    -Discover the right tone for a eulogy when someone has lived a long life, or when someone has died young
    -How to quickly gather the right facts, stories and memories
    -Bring everything together into a speech that flows
    -21 classic funeral poems that will resonate with your audience, whatever the circumstances
    -How to have your audience smile and laugh at happy memories, while still respecting the nature of the occasion
    -The No.1 best way to effectively rehearse your speech, so you feel prepared and assured when you deliver it
    -How to make sure no-one is offended or upset by what you say
    -Stay calm using simple and proven tips for the day
    -Special words and poetry for even the toughest and saddest of situations
    - Learn from real-life, example eulogies for:
    - Mother
    - Father
    - Brother
    - Sister
    - Son
    - Daughter
    - Uncle
    - Aunt
    - Grandfather
    - Grandmother
    - Good Friend
    - Co-worker
    -And, if you have no time to lose, or are really stuck, create a personal, meaningful eulogy in just 30 minutes using the print-off-and-fill-in-the blanks templates, designed specially for this purpose.
  • Other real benefits you get includes:
    -71 famous quotes to add depth to your speech
    -Easily see what to include, and what to leave out
    -A handy on-the-day checklist so you leave nothing to chance
    -How to strike the right balance if someone has had a difficult or complicated life.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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A Eulogy to Remember
A Eulogy to Remember
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