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Pancreatitis Advice
 Name of book:Beating Pancreatitis - How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Life Again
 Author:Bill and Jenny Sankey
 Blurb:Beating Pancreatitis How To Get Healthy And Enjoy Life Again.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Pancreatitis, Health Care
  • Inside "Beating Pancreatitis: How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Your Life Again!" you'll find the incredible stories of 8 ordinary, every-day people from different walks of life who share in one thing they are all living with that most debilitating and frustrating of medical conditions Pancreatitis.
  • "Beating Pancreatitis: How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Your Life Again!" will provide answers to questions like:
    -How is pancreatitis diagnosed and what can be done to make it diagnosis easier and earlier?
    -What exactly can be done to diagnose pancreatitis accurately?
    -Are there variations to this condition? If so, what are they and how do they work?
    -What causes pancreatitis anyway?
    -What treatments are available, and which treatments offer most success?
    -Are there alternative ways of treating the condition?
    -Does pancreatitis occur with one distinct attack or can it accumulate over time and if so what are these stages?
    -Can pancreatitis be prevented?
    -Are there natural alternatives to having to take pain-killing drugs and enzyme medications for the rest of your life?
  • This e-book can help you take control over your quality of life and help those you love to know what it's truly like to have pancreatitis. "Beating Pancreatitis: How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Life Again" provides comprehensive details about this most unusual of health conditions and it does so in a user-friendly, non-intimidating and positive way.
  • This book is an extensive description of things like:
    -What the pancreas does and what pancreatitis is (including the different forms it takes), the different causes and symptoms of the disease
    -The number of ways it can be diagnosed
    -What stages it can take over time
    -What different medical procedures are used to test for pancreatitis and to track its progress (and the positives and negatives of having these tests!)
    -The different ways of treating pancreatitis from traditional pain medications and enzymes through to different surgical options and
    -Several alternative treatments including a number of NATURAL THERAPIES that are now being used to help treat both the pain and the risk of on-going attacks.
    -Several things you can do to prevent getting pancreatitis
    -Numerous tips and ideas on diet modification and nutritional treatments that help ease the pain and prevent future attacks.
    -All the medical words and jargon broken down into easily understood language.
  • Price: $29.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Pancreatitis Advice
Pancreatitis Advice
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