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Make Up To $11,212.00 On eBay
 Name of book:How An Overworked, Traveling, Soggy Sandwich Eating, Dental Hygienist Made $11,212.00 A Month -- 100
 Author:Janiece Smith
 Blurb:How You Can Make Up To $11,212 Per Month On Ebay Following My Easy Steps.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Ebay Auction, Money Making
  • I shared both my successes and my failures. I unveiled the exact, step-by-step blueprint I followed to make my business skyrocket. You get just the facts?- without useless filler. Every page reveals key information that's easy for any 12-year old to understand at first glance.
  • I'm Going to Give You Many Secrets Such as How to:
    -Get Started with Virtually No Money ...
    -Gain Access to 86 Million+ Proven Buyers Right from Your Home
    -Get Paid In-Full -- Before You Ship Anything out the Door
    -Never Have To Sell Or Meet A Single Customer Or Supplier Face-To-Face
    -Work as Much as You Want, Whenever You Want, From Any Location
    -Generate Cash Profits 24 Hours a Day -- Whether You're "Working" or Not
  • And if You're Already an eBay "Veteran," You'll Discover:
    -How to Easily Make Thousands More per Month in Sales
    -How to Find the Products You're Already Selling at Ridiculously CHEAP Prices
    -Easy Steps to Finding TONS More Products at WAY Below Wholesale
    -9 Steps to Ensuring Each Customer Is a Lifetime Customer
    -How to Decrease Your Work Load While Increasing Your Profits
  • You'll Discover...
    Page 33: How I made over $2,100 dollars from one company in less than 30 days
    Page 29: How to assure yourself you will always make money before you ever see the products I never risk a dime and will show you exactly how
    Page 32: Five of the secret ways I get companies to practically beg me to help them get rid of their products. These five secrets are worth more than solid gold
    Page 25: How to locate the single most important moneymaker of all
    Page 39: The amazing two-step system for getting more checks than your mailbox can hold
    Page 39: The "secret tip" that will make your business easier than ever
    Page 29: The ultimate way to make money and never touch a product
    Page 51: A proven system to putting your high-profit business on autopilot
    Page 19: How you can do this all from home and never see anyone. This is what I really like about it. I can take my time getting up and around and not have to worry about being at work
    Page 33: Three ways to check out any company before you deal with them
    Page 51: How you can get me to be your personal success coach...
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Make Up To $11,212.00 On eBay
Make Up To $11,212.00 On eBay
Price: $39.95