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Home >> Health >> Mental Health >> The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide
The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide
 Name of book:The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide
 Author:Dave Angel
 Blurb:A Complete Resource Guide For Parents Who Have Children Diagnosed With Aspergers Syndrome.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Aspergers Syndrome, Parenting
  • In the breakthrough "Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide" I'm going to reveal everything that you need to know to understand your Aspergers child, cope with any behaviours that they display and have a happy family home. I went out and interviewed 107 families to find out what their biggest problems were and found that the main problem areas for families were:
    -Coping with their child's difficult and aggressive behaviors
    -Understanding what is really going on inside their child's head
    -How to help their child to cope better in the community and at school
    -How to keep the peace at home with the rest of the family
    -And understanding the real meaning and causes of Aspergers.
    So I figured that what parents were looking for was a complete and comprehensive guide packed with practical tips and explanations all about their Aspergers child.
  • Here are some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques this program will reveal to you:
    -Avoid the # 1 one biggest mistake that parents make when your child misbehaves, and ensure your child won't feel rejected.
    -3 simple ways to help your child when he loses his temper and keep the peace in your family home.
    -Discover the 4 major reasons behind every single behavior that your child displays and get a real understanding of how your child's mind works.
    -How a simple piece of card can stop your child's rages and restore instant peace to your family home.
    -2 critical actions that will stop your child hitting you and prevent both physical and emotional pain.
    -How to reduce your child's anxiety without expensive psychiatrist's bills.
    -The simple-to-use technique for pinpointing exactly why your child is behaving a certain way that's as easy as ABC.
    -Discover the real reason that your child carries out rituals, obsessive-compulsive actions and perseverations. (page 20)
    -4 actions you must take to help your other kids understand the rages of your Asperger's child and stop them copying that behaviour.
    -The little-known secret why your child performs self-stimulation such as flapping and humming.
    -Discover the 6 problem sexual behaviours that your Asperger's child may develop, so that you are ahead of the game, ready and prepared to cope with them!
    -Quick and easy ways to teach your child about emotions so that they can build positive relationships with people.
    -Simple techniques to help your Aspergers daughter to cope with her period and leave her feeling happier and more relaxed about the whole thing.
    -How to tackle your child's sexual problem behaviors, without making the situation ten times worse!
  • You'll learn about Parental/Family Support:
    -How to avoid the biggest mistake that parents make when trying to change their child's behaviour; so you can have a positive impact on your child's behaviour every time.
    -The true facts about Aspergers; so that you have all the essential knowledge at your fingertips.
    -Discover why grounding your Aspergers child will have the opposite effect that you were hoping for, and discover what will really improve your child's behavior.
    -How to explain the Doctor's diagnosis of Aspergers to your other children in a way that will reduce sibling tensions overnight.
    -An easy guide to how your child can make social relationships that lead to lasting friendships and romance.
    -How to easily explain your child's Aspergers to your neighbors and stop fights at the garden gate!
    -The # 1 place for siblings on the internet to gain information, connect with other siblings and feel great about it.
    -How you can help your child develop empathy, understand other people's feelings and arm them with these essential skills for everyday community life.
    -Where to find easy-to-use computer software that will teach your child to understand emotions that won't cost you a red cent!
  • You'll further learn about Education:
    -The sure-fire secret you must know to help your child succeed at school.
    -5 Steps to creating the absolute best learning environment for your child; so that he can receive the education and special help that he deserves to thrive.
    -The little-known reason why Aspergers children struggle to concentrate in class; and how you can use it to dramatically improve your child's performance in school.
    -How to use your child's obsession to help him do better at school work than he has ever done in his life.
    -3 critical questions you must have answered before you choose a school.
    -Insider secrets that guarantee your child an effective education plan at school; which will make him learn better and have a brilliant time at school.
    -Three ways of teaching your child to learn numbers that uses 100% of his brain and brings you guaranteed improved results
    -Eight easy steps to improve your child's sports skills which will make him happier and more confident at playing games.
    -9 essential facts you must know about home schooling; to ensure you make the right choice for your child.
    -Discover the fastest and best resource for teaching your child social skills, so that he can play with other children and join in games with confidence.
  • You'll also learn about Child's Diagnosis, Cause & Mental Health Issues:
    -3 questions you must ask about your child's medication to stop your child suffering from dizziness, nausea, involuntary movements and hyperactivity.
    -How to help your child when he's being bullied, so it doesn't go on to wreck his whole life.
    -The absolute definite time in your child's life that he is likely to become depressed, and how to quickly having him feeling better again.
    -The little-known method using just a simple writing pad to help your child survive summer camp, and have the best summer of his life.
    -The five reasons why your child is a "fussy eater"
    -Quick and easy techniques for other school children who want to become friends with your Aspergers child but aren't sure what to do.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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