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Science Of Being Secrets
 Name of book:Science of Being: 27 Lessons
 Author:Baron Eugene Fersen
 Blurb:Long Lost Course From The 1920s Reveals The Secrets Behind The Law Of Attraction And Helps You Revolutionize Your Life!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Law Of Attraction, Self Improvement
  • "Science of Being: 27 Lessons" by the Baron Eugene Fersen is 27 lessons and 716 pages, course of practical information on how to change your life for the better. Discover the greatest goldmine of practical information on how to create your dream life crammed into 27 lessons. Here are some more of the things you will discover:
    -Feel Better about Yourself and Others
    -Have the Energy to Complete All Your Tasks and Have Plenty Left Over
    -Be More Creative
    -Feel Great
    -Attract More Money
    -Improve Your Relationships
    -Overcome Bad Habits
    -Have Procrastination Be A Thing Of The Past
    -Learn Information Faster and Retain it
    -Transmute Negative Thoughts.
  • Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:
    -Attract good things into your life
    -Understand what is behind the Law of Attraction
    -Have the power to change any situation
    -Appear and feel younger
    -Build a better body
    -Be a great judge of character
    -Succeed in business
    -Radiate charisma and self-confidence
    -Conquer fear.
  • The lessons are basically divided into three parts to develop each part of the human being: BODY,MIND,SPIRIT. There was no "official" table of contents published with this 1927 course that I can find. But here's a description of the Lessons.
    -Part I: BODY
    Lesson 1 Introduction. Universal Life Energy.
    Lesson 2 Making Contact with Universal Life Energy
    Lesson 3 Examples of the use of Universal Life Energy in Ancient Times and from the late 19th and early 20th century
    Lesson 4 Your Body as a Radio and Physical Development
    Lesson 5 How to Use Universal Life Energy In Your Daily Life
    Lesson 6 How to Use Universal Life Energy in Business
    Lesson 7 How to Use Universal Life Energy at School and in Sports
    Lesson 8 Swallow Up the Spectre of Poverty!
    Lesson 9 How to Use Universal Life Energy to Heal Yourself and Other
    Lesson 10 The New Science of Mind
    Lesson 11 Unveiling the Mystery of Subconscious(ness)
    Lesson 12 Explanation of Mental Laws and Selfconsciousness
    Lesson 13 Building Mental Faculties:Character Reading,Thought Reading, Establishing Equilibrium
    Lesson 14 SUCCESS:What it is and How to Obtain it
    Lesson 15 How to Use Mental Laws to Obtain Your Desires
    Lesson 16 Why Money Is Your Friend and How to Attract and Control it
    Lesson 17 Self-Reliance,Your Thoughts, and the Rebound Effect
    Lesson 18 How to Develop Intuition and Access to the Cosmic Mind
    Lesson 19 Soul: Is there a Soul and what is it?
    Lesson 20 Exact Relation between Your Soul and Your Body
    Lesson 21 Revelation of Your Own True Self
    Lesson 22 Personality - How to Express Individuality through Personality
    Lesson 23 Soul Vibrations
    Lesson 24 Affinity of Souls and How to Transmute Bad Characteristics
    Lesson 25 LOVE: The Law of Attraction
    Lesson 26 How the Development of Body, Mind and Soul Work Together
    Lesson 27 Man No Longer a Slave,but a MASTER!
    Following each lesson are practical exercises to help you apply information in your life.
  • Price: $49.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Science Of Being Secrets
Science Of Being Secrets
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