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The Truth about Six Pack Abs Program
 Name of book:The Truth about Six Pack Abs Program
 Author:Mike Geary
 Author bio:The author is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer.

 Blurb:Learn the REAL secrets for losing belly fat and carving out ripped six pack abs.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Six Pack Abs, Fitness
  • "The Truth about Six Pack Ab" is a 117 page book, jam-packed full of hard body secrets. This new innovative scientifically-based fitness program reveals the truth about abdominals and stomach fat. The end result is a winning solution for ridding yourself of that extra belly fat and developing flat 6-pack abs.
  • Here's what make's The Truth about Six Pack Abs different:
    -The main focus of this program is not on abdominal exercises.
    -This program uses none of your typical boring monotonous cardio routines.
    -This program does not revolve around having to use supplements or "fat-loss" pills.
    -This program does not revolve around using any fancy "ab machines" or "ab gadgets".
    -This program does not include some sort of fad diet or gimmicky diet trend.
  • Here are some more tips, tricks, and secrets you'll discover in this program:
    -Over 15 little-known secrets for revving up your metabolism so that you can more easily scorch away body fat on a 24/7 basis!
    -Why most people are doing their cardio training totally wrong and how to modify your routines to make them twice as effective for stripping away body fat.
    -My 6 unique Secret-Weapon exercises that build a rock-hard core and stimulate fat loss like no other exercises.
    -More than 13 specific nutritional secrets that will have fat melting and muscle tone popping out like you've never seen before.
    -Why most people are wasting their time with exercises like crunches, sit-ups, torso twists, bicep curls, shoulder raises, tricep pressdowns, leg extensions, etc. Instead, discover the REAL exercises that burn 3-4 times more calories in the same amount of time!
    -The truth about lower abs vs. upper abs training, and why you find it nearly impossible to get those lower abs to look good.
    -Detailed descriptions and photos of more than 50 of the most effective exercises in existence that will give you a rock hard body from head to toe!
    -Cutting-edge scientifically designed full-body training programs that will help you carve out a body of stone and leave people asking what your secret is!
    -Why doing abs or obliques exercises do not burn fat away from your stomach.
    -How to eliminate the nasty exercises and useless machines that are wasting your time and making you more injury prone!
    -How to blast through your plateau and continue to make progress by working through all 8 levels of abdominal training progressions.
    -How to teach yourself to be creative and think differently about your workouts.
    -How to enjoy endless varieties of delicious foods, while simultaneously turning yourself into a fat-burning machine!
    -84 different and unique Lean-Body meal plans, designed by a nutrition specialist to give you endless ideas for balanced healthy meals and snacks to keep you energized and in fat-burning mode
    -Why fad diets such as low carb or low fat diets may actually HINDER your efforts for a lean ripped body.
    -How these two hidden "fat storage triggering ingredients" in our food supply are sabotaging your efforts to lose fat! Learn what they are and how to easily avoid them.
    -Why the morning cardio on an empty stomach that many people recommend may not be so good after all.
    -Why the glycemic index of the foods you eat may not be as important as you've been led to believe in determining whether food will make you leaner or fatter
    and much more.
  • Price: $39.95 - Get Ebook Now
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The Truth about Six Pack Abs Program
The Truth about Six Pack Abs Program
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