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Get Rid Of Tiredness & Sleep Less
 Name of book:End Tiredness Program
 Author:Tina Hagen & Peter Novak
 Blurb:1 Out Of 10 Visits To The Family Doctor Is Due To Chronic Tiredness. End Tiredness Program is the only natural, no pills or gimmicks - way to fight tiredness.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Tiredness, Fitness
  • "End Tiredness Program" an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that everyone can use. With its help you too can get rid of tiredness once and for all. Here's what this program do for you:
    -You will have all the energy you need
    -Your ability to concentrate and your mental capacity will increase
    -You will start getting up easily in the morning
    -You will have a couple of hours of extra time each day.
  • But, the program will do even more:
    -It will improve your health and boost your immune system.
    -Your relationships will improve.
    We will show you how to get your hands on all this valuable information. Through it you will learn what you're doing wrong, what's causing your tiredness and how you can eliminate it for good.
  • Here's what you will learn:
    -The most common mistake that people do when they feel tired.
    -How you can make your sleep more effective. Learn the secrets behind the 5 different stages of sleep and apply the secrets of your inner sleep system, you will be able to sleep less and feel more rested
    -Your body has an in-build mechanism that produces energy. You will learn how you can get control over it and increase the amount of energy that you have
    -There are 4 basic substances that your body needs - if you don't get them, you will feel tired.
    -How one hormone determines whether you feel tired or alert. You will learn 5 ways to control the level of this hormone in your body
    -8 simple things everybody can do to increase their energy level
    -Proven methods that will help you wake up easily each morning
    -Which 3 common habits literally suck the energy from your system
    -How napping can actually make you feel more tired. Use the true power of the "Power Nap"
    -The truth about your biological clock that every person needs to know
    -3 simple ways to get your brain in the sleep mode. You will learn how to easily fall asleep every day, no matter how hectic your day was
    -How your brain gets the energy. Discover 11 steps for ensuring that your brain will always function at its optimal
    And much more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Get Rid Of Tiredness & Sleep Less
Get Rid Of Tiredness & Sleep Less
Price: $47.00