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Home >> Health >> Alternative >> Secrets Of Personal Magnetism Revealed
Secrets Of Personal Magnetism Revealed
 Name of book:Secrets of Personal Magnetism Revealed
 Author:Wellington Rodrigues
 Blurb:Attract anyone you want! Anywhere! The art and science of human manipulation!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Personal Magnetism, Hypnosis
  • One of the world's foremost specialists in Rapport, Subliminal Manipulation, Covert-Hypnosis and Attraction Technologies shares his secrets for the development of an irresistible, hypnotic personality.
  • This book includes a series of mental, behavioral and communication strategies that could give anyone the Power to become a human magnet at will.
  • Knowing what makes others feel completely attracted to you is a secret weapon that means the difference between a life of frustration and anonymity and one of popularity and success.
  • Here is a list of the subjects we discuss in this exclusive manual:
    -What is the secret of magnetic people?
    -A clear definition of Personal Magnetism
    -How Personal Magnetism can improve any aspect of your life
    -The essential characteristics of magnetic people
    -How your self-talk can sabotage your life
    -Proven affirmation exercises that will boost your self-image and confidence
    -How to become an instant magnet through modeling
    -The weaknesses of human psychology and how to use it in your favor to attract and influence anyone
    -How to make people perceive you in a whole different way, no matter how long you have been shy
    -Why looks, luck and money have nothing to do with being a human magnet
    -The one magical phrase that will forever eradicate your fear of approaching other people and asking for what you want
    -The secret to create rapport with virtually anyone you want, anywhere, and make them feel as if they have known you for centuries
    -The best phrases to use when approaching someone for the first time
    -How to become the center of attention at a party or social event
    -How to create an instant bond with anyone through mirroring.
  • All the information in this manual is practical and easy to use. Not metaphysics, canned pick up lines, or just "positive Thinking", but the art and science of Power Communication, Rapport, Covert Hypnosis and Body Language taught by one of the world's leading experts.
  • Price: $21.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Secrets Of Personal Magnetism Revealed
Secrets Of Personal Magnetism Revealed
Price: $21.97