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Great Newspaper Advertising
 Name of book:How To Create Great Newspaper Ads
 Author:James Behan
 Blurb:Do It Yourself Newspaper Advertising That Any Small Business Can Use To Create Highly Effective Ads.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "How To Create Great Newspaper Ads" is jam-packed with powerful insider newspaper advertising secrets and techniques. Creating your own newspaper ads is made very easy for you. You are taken through the 8 simple steps of creating a powerful ad with worksheets to guide your every move. These worksheets are a wonderfully effective way for you to make your ads. Using them to guide you and my newspaper advertising secrets, you can put together newspaper advertising that will pull more sales and increase your bottom line profits better than any of your previous ads ever did.
  • You'll discover how to put together powerfully persuasive ads for your business. You'll create:
    - Ads that will show a profit every time you run one
    - Ads that will knock your competitors out for the count.
    These simple and effective newspaper advertising secrets and techniques revealed in this course will work for any business, whether you are selling products, services or both.
  • Here are just some of the powerful newspaper advertising secrets you will discover in "How To Create Great Newspaper Ads":
    -How to triple response to your newspaper advertising and stomp on your competition at no additional cost.
    -An 'insider' formula for creating effective ads -- every time!
    -The thing that all customers want... and how you can put it in your ads -- without this you're ad is dead in the water.
    -The secret to getting your newspaper ads read that 89% of businesses don't know... and the newspapers won't tell you because it would mess up their 'system'.
    -6 things that kill your ads stone dead - are you doing any of these?
    -Revealed! A little-known technique to blow your competition out of the water.
    -How to get people to buy NOW when they see your ad.
    -The secret ingredient you must know to ensure your newspaper advertising works like gangbusters.
    -How to attract the attention of your most likely customers. Know this and you'll get tons of new business.
    -Exactly how to find all the benefits of your product / service that will get potential customers drooling to buy from you.
    -How to test the effectiveness of your newspaper advertising and grow your best ads into even bigger successes.
    -How to write headlines that practically force people to read your ad.
    -27 fail-safe checks that your ads must pass before you run them.
    -16 techniques for creating powerful openings to your newspaper ads that grabs the reader by the eyeballs, and practically compel them to read your ads.
    -How to make an offer people can't refuse - they'll almost beg you to take their money.
    -Time-tested words and phrases that adds power to your ad.
    -How to create a guarantee that practically forces customers to buy now!
    -Powerful 'insider' ad layout techniques - what works successfully and what fails miserably.
    -How to find out what a customer is worth to your business -- the answer will astound you and change the way you market your business forever.
    -The right way to use images in your ads - get this wrong and you may as well throw your ad money out the window
    And much more.
  • Price: $69.00 - Get Ebook Now
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