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Profits No Matter What!
 Name of book:Profits No Matter What!
 Author:Chris M. Kepler
 Blurb:Underground Pro's Secrets To Successful Business Opportunity Marketing!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Email Marketing, Marketing Messages
  • "Profits No Matter What" is an easy to follow, easy to implement, step-by-step blueprint for creating a highly successful, extremely lucrative marketing system.
  • Here is some of what you will learn in "Profits No Matter What!":
    -The #1 secret of effective Marketing
    -My "Profits No Matter What!" System
    -The #1 way to always increase the effectiveness of your Marketing message
    -Where to get the lowest prices on the kind of advertising that sells Business Opportunities like popcorn at the movies!
    -Cut your paid advertising costs to less than zero!
    -Your most valuable asset in the business... It is not your knowledge or money!
    -The 10 steps I take to launch a new opportunity
    -7 indespensible ways to advertise
    -The most powerful promotion you can ever do!
  • "Profits No Matter What!" is broken into 3 parts:
    Part 1: The "Profits No Matter What!" Formula...
    -Step-by-step blueprint and setup instructions for your own "Profits No Matter What!" System.
    -The #1 Rule of Marketing and how to apply it to your business.
    Part 2: What I do to Market!
    -The 100% free technique I use to make the most money in the fastest time!
    -The 5 top offline advertising methods for easy money in your pocket!
    -The 6 top online advertising methods for creating loads of internet traffic to your website!
    -Complete direction on how to get the most out of each of these advertising methods.
    -How to get the lowest price on the market for these forms of advertising.
    -2 additional free advertising methods that will send the hottest prospects your way for years to come!
    -Maximize the power of free advertising
    -How to find high traffic websites to put your ads on
    -How to use eBay to market your Biz Op.
    -Is using direct mail effective?
    -What do you do first?
    and much more.
    Part 3: Critical Resources!
    Part 3 contains a listing of all the "magic bullets" that all make my system work. This section includes:
    -Internet Tools
    -Email Services
    -Discount Newspaper Ad Providers
    -Discount Magazine Ad Providers
    -Marketing Mentors
    -Tracking and Conversion Strategies
    -Ebay Auctions
    -Discount Card Deck Ads
    -Article Writing for Profits
    -Pay Per Click Education etc.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Profits No Matter What!
Profits No Matter What!
Price: $37.00