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Get Results From Every Email You Send!
 Name of book:Get Messages Read!
 Author:Jimmy D. Brown
 Blurb:How To Get Your Email Marketing Messages Past The Filters And Making Money For You!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "Get Messages Read!" is a 74-page manual, containing 24 strategies that anyone can use to get their email messages read. In "Get Messages Read!" you'll learn:
    -A simple tactic you can use to stand out from every other publisher on the planet
    -How a simple idea from 1903 can skyrocket your list profits if you begin using it before your competition does! Note: I'll even give you 6 "hints" on how to get started today
    -3 ways to make your mailings so "scorching hot" your subscribers want to pass them on to THEIR own network of contacts so you can profit from people who aren't even on your list!
    -How to create lists that produce larger profits time and time again with every mailing you send out!
    -Why a specific kind of "filtering" can be a good thing and how to use it to get immediate attention from your subscribers whenever you choose to send them a mailing!
    -3 ways to publish content that is far superior to any "competition" out there and how it gets your list members actually anticipating each new message you send out!
    -The "mother lode" of list-building that will immediately give you the edge over your competition, 100% completely beat the spam filters and get virtually every recipient to read your mailing!
    -The one simple strategy that most people don't "waste their time" on - learn what it is and how it can cost you profit every time you send a mailing if you don't use it!
  • I've laid out 24 simple things you can do in "Get Messages Read!". Things like:
    -How to turbocharge your results by using an incredibly easy "viral marketing" twist -How to get your own "content report card", plus "The 21 Deadliest Spam Filter Violations! - And how to get your email through the Spam Filters by avoiding them!"
    -2 ways to use "email brands" to make certain your subscribers read each mailing you send out - and even look forward to them with anticipation!
    -How to single out the most influential contacts you have to create smaller, "power" lists to grow your online business like never before!
    -5 types of lists that you probably aren't building that can take your business to the "next level" once you start using them
    -What a "chaser" is and 2 simple ways you can use it to increase the effectiveness of your mailings and make more money every time you click the SEND button!
    -7 reasons why your subscribers might not read your email message and how you can use a quick and easy solution to get more eyeballs locked on your mailing!
    -How to use potentially the most effective, most profitable strategy of them all, "downloadable email messages", to make more money than any other strategy you've ever used!
  • In "Get Messages Read!" you'll learn 24 simple ideas you can begin using today to increase the profit you produce from any list. If you own a list, you simply cannot afford not to know:
    -The single most critical deciding factor as to whether you have success or failure with your newsletter
    -How to use a "subscriber education page" to get your subscribers to actually "approve" you as someone they have requested information from - you can even copy mine and begin using it today!
    -Ideas for other tools you can use to make money from your existing lists and messages, including "dynamic start pages," "toolbars," and "RSS" and "Blogs"
    -How to "train" your subscribers to actually read your incoming messages - 2 simple strategies that are absolutely critical to email marketing success!
    -7 ways to get maximum mileage from every email message you send by turning your subscribers into partners and launching a marketing virus that spreads across the web!
    -4 "Blacklist" resource sites that you can check to see if you've been labeled as a spammer and information on how to get off the lists!
    -2 simple ways to separate yourself from other publishers and get subscribers to request, read and respond to your offers!
    -How to use "alternate delivery methods" to produce more profit from your newsletters and e-Courses, plus 2 keys to have you running out ahead and leaving the pack of publishers in your dust!
  • Price: $24.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Get Results From Every Email You Send!
Get Results From Every Email You Send!
Price: $24.00