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Ad Word Strategies
 Name of book:Ad Word Strategies
 Author:Jeff Alderson
 Blurb:AdWords Visionary Reveals His Top Secrets You Can Exploit To Turn A Huge Profit!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Google Adwords, Online Advertising
  • "Ad Word Strategies" is a new 105 page, step-by-step guide stuffed with a proven treasure chest of secret, highly-effective strategies you can use to produce campaigns that stay profitable long into the future. Ad Word Strategies allows you to get a view of the next wave of secrets to profiting from Google -- so you can fully take advantage of new opportunities ahead.
  • Here are all of the insights you gain with your copy of Ad Word Strategies:
    -The right way to set-up your campaign if you want to get the most sales possible out of AdWords
    -Where the searchers eyes gravitates and which ads get clicked on the most (the answer may surprise you)
    -Ad syndication explained
    -The reason bidding the maximum bid amount Google tells you is the "kiss of death" for your campaigns and sucks-up your money at lightning fast speed
    -5 questions you must ask yourself about your customers if you want to get the most out of your campaigns
    -The concept of relevance and why every profitable campaign focuses on it
    -How to take full advantage of misspelled keywords and why most people do it wrong, costing them countless prized terms!
    -The proper way to use keyword matching if you want to uncover which keywords are worth your money or are a waste of time. Plus, how to use it properly to reduce junk impressions, which lower your ads' positions!
    -The importance of conversion tracking to guarantee you're not wasting money on ineffective keywords
    -Why the "pond and bait" concept is crucial to writing killer ads and identifying top-producing keywords time and time again!
    -Get the scoop down to the lowest possible level of what goes into your ads
    -A real-life example of where a "unique selling position" can allow advertisers to dominate the rankings and how you can generate your own to shoot your clickthrough rates through the roof!
    -8 "qualifiers" you can put inside your ads to completely transform a poor campaign into a top performer.
  • You'll also learn:
    -Why your best ads pack an emotional-punch and how you can use this concept to "super-charge" not only your clickthrough rates, but sales conversion rates as well! -How to skip months of testing to find the most profitable ad copy by ethically "stealing" the best ideas from your competitors and how to then use your new goldmine of data to create new ads that cream the competition!
    -The dynamic headline trick and why every serious advertiser must take advantage of it if they want to dominate their market
    -2 tricks to using the display URL to your full advantage
    -Why you should put your successful text ads inside your image and video ads if you want them to produce any results
    -9 simple ad tests smart advertisers perform to unearth the highest producing ads possible!
    -When the content network can be more profitable than search and may be the only type of advertising you want to use!
    -Why most people mistakenly give-up on the content network at the first sign of trouble
    -The huge overlooked opportunity with local ads and why the internet is slowly replacing the phone book
    -How to generate a stream of easy cash by combining Google and affiliate programs (the "Google Cash" technique)
    -How to effectively analyze keywords for profitability so you don't waste a fortune on junk keywords -- plus, get deep insight into whether a market is profitable with ease at the same time!
    -An easy trick to determine whether a market is bankable in minutes by combining Google's traffic estimator tool with a few keywords and a low initial bid price
    -7 advanced tips to picking-out profitable products from the ClickBank market place
    -The refund formula for determining how many customers are returning products on Clickbank
    -4 components to take your Google cash business to the next level -- so you get paid the maximum amount possible for your time
    -3 types of landing pages to bring in the cash with Google cash and when you want to use each
    -Strategies to bring Google's bid increases, for web pages it doesn't like, to your advantage
    -The reason every word counts in your ads and why your ads sometimes are just 1 word away from wild success
    -10 hot landing page optimization strategies to easily double your sales
    -Two strategies to always turn a profit, no matter what Google throws at you or if new competitors jump into the game
    -A sneaky strategy to get a "Behind the scenes" look at your competitors' clickthrough and sales conversion rates!
    -A maintenance system to keep the profits going long into the future
    -Bidding strategies: When you should bid for position # 1 and when it's going to drain your money down the drain!
    -Why you should be using the ad scheduling tool to reduce junk clicks and impressions
    Plus, much more.
  • Price: $67.00 - Get Ebook Now
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