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Floating Card Magic Trick
 Name of book:The Free Floating Card
 Author:Tim David
 Author bio:The author is a CMP (Certified Magic Professional).
 Blurb:Free Floating Card Magic Trick - Imagine What They'll Say When YOU Start Floating Playing Cards. (Especially If You're A Clumsy Klutz Who Can Barely Shuffle).
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • "The Free Floating Card" is a very detailed, 23-page ebook with 29 photos showing you the clever combination of secrets behind the trick. You will learn exactly how to make your own special "gimmick". It contains step-by-step instructions on how to do the full routine, plus alternate floating card techniques and bonus ideas.
  • With the new Free-Floating Card magic trick, you can:
    -You can do it any time you want and as many times as you want. Can you imagine their faces when you start floating a card at the next poker night?
    -Create the illusion of a REAL free-float! Your fingers don't touch the card at all
    -Float a card in broad daylight without using strings, threads, wires, "wind", magnets, chemicals, smoke, mirrors, or static electricity!
    -The Free Floating Card floats a full two inches above your hand. You can even pass another card underneath to prove it!
    -A perfect "street magic" card trick -- it happens right under their noses, but they'll NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!
    -Nothing up your sleeve (Really, you can do this trick topless if you want)
    -You can let the spectator examine the card that you just made float, they'll find nothing out of the ordinary! And get this -- there's NO SWITCH! The card can even be signed to prove it.
    -Requires little to no sleight of hand and no props.
    -Free floating card is completely under your control at all times.
    -So simple to do, a trained monkey with arthritis could do it!
    -Use a card the spectator selects from a shuffled deck -- FREE CHOICE (no force of any kind)
    -Can be repeated immediately with a different card.
    -Exclusive to, you can't get it anywhere else!
  • Price: $6.97 - Get Ebook Now
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Floating Card Magic Trick
Floating Card Magic Trick
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