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Home >> Entertainment >> Humor >> Happy Pet Birds. eBook(R)
Happy Pet Birds. eBook(R)
 Name of book:Happy Pet Birds - Everything They Need
 Author:Kai Jordan
 Blurb:Happy Pet Birds - Add Happiness To Your Parrots Life And Less Hassle To Yours!Plus, Take Your Interaction With Your Parrot To The Next Level And Find All The Cool Stuff Your Parrot Loves.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Pets, Pet Birds
  • "Happy Pet Birds" is a parrot manual and ecatalog that provides everything you need to have a great relationship with your bird while saving time and money on all the cool stuff your feathered friend will love. This unique resource offers you an opportunity to interact with your parrot on a more meaningful level so you can get to know each other better, develop and maintain a great trusting relationship, and experience the amazing abilities of pet birds that we're just starting to discover. The ecatalog section is a collection of all the coolest parrot stuff available. There's even a section just for parrot lovers.
  • A peek inside "Happy Pet Birds":
    Positive Interaction- Topics covered in this section includes:
    -The wonders of parrot intelligence.
    -How to be a great parrot person.
    -Stimulate your pet parrot's curiosity.
    -Enhance your parrot's play time and interaction with you.
    -Give your parrot interesting foraging adventures.
    -Games you and your bird can play together.
    -Really communicate with your bird.
    -Have your parrot talking with meaning.
    -Can your bird see pictures in your mind?
    -Create the best pet parrot environment.
    -Prevent bird boredom.
    -How parrot education differs from training your parrot.
    -Parrot training props and tips.
    -A manual of happy, well adjusted parrot behavior.
    -Feather plucking: Why I'm able to stop birds from plucking.
    -Parrot behavior: What you need for your bird to stop biting and screaming.
    Just for fun- Topics covered in this section includes:
    -Taking good bird pictures and fun things to do with them.
    -What to do with all those bird feathers.
    -The best parrot jokes.
    -Great parrot pictures of African Grey parrots, Grey Headed (uncape), Timneh Grey, Amazon parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo, Love birds, Quaker parrot and more.
    Cool Parrot Stuff- Topics covered in this section includes:
    -Over 100 of the best resources to fill your pet parrot's life with stimulating, fun opportunities to satisfy his/her natural instincts.
    -The best parrot products available. Including zinc & lead free bird toys.
    -Whatever you're looking for; a bird seed guard or catcher, a light bulb that kills bacteria, pet bird cage, parrot gym, "Happy Pet Birds" ecatalog section has it covered!
    -Find supplies and instructions for making bird toys.
    -Save more than 50% on parrot toys and supplies & find free shipping.
    -Over 30 resources for healthy parrot foods and parrot treats.
    -20 parrot health resources
    For the Parrot Lover- Topics covered in this section includes:
    -Over 60 resources for fun, interesting, unique parrot related discoveries just for you.
    -Have all the newest information so you never miss out on the latest and greatest discoveries and creations of the avian world.
    And much more.
  • Price: $14.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Happy Pet Birds. eBook(R)
Happy Pet Birds. eBook(R)
Price: $14.95