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Stand-up Comedy Secrets!
 Name of book:Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide
 Author:Steve Roye
 Blurb:Next Generation System For Quickly Developing Funny Stand-up Comedy Material. Eliminate Writers Block & Get The Big Laughs!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Comedy, Comedy Guide
  • "Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide" is a concise guide, specifically designed to give you all the essential information you need to develop, hone and prepare comedy material for the stage with lightning speed. The core methodologies, techniques and secrets provided have been proven globally as the fastest and most effective available for developing, honing and refining stand-up comedy material for the stage.
  • The Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide is concise, fast paced and pulls no punches with only 3 primary sections:
    Section 1: Rapid Comedy Material Development
    In this section, I show you step-by-step how to:
    -Start, develop and hone high impact comedy material for the stage without using "conventional" joke writing techniques
    -Flesh out any topic you want to talk about on stage
    -Use your own individual sense of humor to easily add punchlines to your stand-up comedy material, at will!
    Section 2: Stand-up Comedy Preparation Secrets
    In this section, I show you step-by step how to:
    -Prepare for big laughs and success on stage -- before you ever get there!
    -Hone your comedy material for maximum impact
    - Apply proven methods for memorizing your comedy material in the easiest way possible
    Section 3: Maximizing Your Stage Comfort
    In this section, I show you how to:
    -Reduce or remove the fear associated with performing
    -Eliminate "Visitor Syndrome"
    -Reduce performance anxiety by applying simple and easy mental strategies that you can use immediately
    And this really just scratches the surface of the secrets, techniques and methods provided in the Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide.
  • The Stand-up Comedy Fast Start Guide that has these important features:
    -It is designed for individuals that need answers to their most important stand-up comedy questions now without having to consume extensive amounts of information like that provided in the Killer Stand-up Comedy System.
    -While the basic concepts are the same, the guide contains a fresh new approach to developing and refining stand-up comedy material that is not included in the original system.
    -The information contained in the guide is focused, concentrated and to the point, containing only the most essential tools, techniques, strategies and secrets you can use and apply very quickly.
    -The guide and the bonus information included with this guide are provided as immediate downloads in Adobe PDF format.
    -The information provided in the guide, is some serious work involved in becoming a successful and highly entertaining comedian on stage, no matter what system or method you choose to develop your comedy talents.
    -I am providing the guide and the bonus guides included in this downloadable package for a very limited time at a ridiculously low introductory price that virtually anyone can afford.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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