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Home >> Entertainment >> Humor >> Make Women Laugh And Fall In Love
Make Women Laugh And Fall In Love
 Name of book:Make Women Laugh
 Author:Martin Merrill
 Blurb:Secrets Of Attracting Women With Humor. Results Guaranteed. Recommended By Experts.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Dating, Women
  • "Make Women Laugh" is jam-packed with specific tricks and techniques that can create instant results. It'll show you exactly how to make any woman laugh whenever and wherever you like. This book is a practical and step-by-step guide that provides you with tons of amazing ideas that you can take with you for a life time. And on a more general note, it's also a manual teaching men how to think and act, how to enjoy life, and how to be more precise, effective, and observant in daily communications.

  • You can download this eBook and discover:
    -How your "inner talk" constantly influences you and the one thing you need to do before you can become a funny guy pg.19
    -The most important difference between a funny guy and an "average" guy pg.21
    -What the "Humor Habit" is and how you can practice at any time, any place, with double efficiency to transform yourself into a totally funny guy pg.22
    -Why women sometimes laugh at jokes which you don't find funny at all pg.25
    -The art of conversation with any woman pg.26
    -Women trust their instincts more than their logic. Here's how you can take advantage of that to "prepare her" for laughter and love pg.27
    -One fact that women will deny but you should know in order to deal with women effectively pg.29
    -A useful technique that can intensify women's feelings and make them more open to you pg.31
    -One rule you should follow to get rid of the fear of rejection and improve you "pick up skill" pg.33
    -Find out why most pick up lines don't work and what role you should assume when dealing with women pg.36
    -Secret techniques to instantly build rapport with any woman both physically and psychologically and 5 ways to quickly improve your rapport-building skills pg.39
    -Learn what is real flirting and the one thing you must do to make sure she becomes attracted to you sexually pg.40
    -4 basic types of women and how understanding the differences can help you identify the right strategies to make women laugh and fall in love pg.43
    -In-depth analysis of the basic mechanism behind women's laughter and 8 primary models of humor leading to predictable results pg.46-50
    -What an "inner game" is and how you can leverage the power of your own subconscious mind to win the game pg.52
    -How to "internalize" humor so that it becomes a part of you so you can instantly shift your mentality to prepare for any humor situation pg.54
    -How to take charge of conversations with women and make them feel they're "in your show"; how to get rid of the "fear of failure" feeling and develop the "I don't" care mentality which will loosen you up and improve your "performance" pg.55
    -4 most effective tonalities to use to immediately attract women with humor as well as to accentuate your own personality pg. 57-60
    -6 useful techniques to improve your body posture, gestures, movements to ensure "humor consistency" pg.63.
  • You'll learn:
    -How to develop "sensory acuity" to control the timing of making women laugh pg.67
    -One thing you must always do in order to ensure the effectiveness of your humor even before you start to make women laugh pg.68
    -What type of joke you should definitely tell at first, with no exceptions pg.69
    -One thing you must never do when making women laugh or you'll spoil everything pg.71
    -How you can turn a disaster into a new opportunity, when your jokes suck or when they simply don't work on a particular woman pg.73
    -One important fact you should know about sexist, ethnic, religious jokes pg.74
    -You can and should joke about a woman, but make sure you never commit this common mistake pg.75
    -What you should know about lame jokes and how you can use them to actually demonstrate your sense of humor pg.75
    -What you can learn from magicians in telling jokes to women pg.76
    -14 basic "humor characters" you can play to suit any woman's personality, education, cultural background, and "humor taste" pg.79-87
    -How to become the funniest guy in the group and remain as the center of attention pg.84
    -An easy exercise that will dramatically speed up the process of your personal "humor development" pg.88
    -How to tailor the many tried-and-true humor formulas to suit your own needs and how to combine humor techniques and materials to develop your own humor style pg.89
    -What is the "Rule of Reciprocity" and how it can help you in attracting women with humor pg.90
    -Women typically stay in a group. Here are 2 powerful techniques how you can attract a particular woman in a group without the disturbance from the rest of the group pg.93
    -How to leverage on the power of stereotypes and employ the techniques of simplification, exaggeration, distortion, and generalization to produce hilarious humor pg.96
    -How to make women laugh uncontrollably by stating simple facts that most people take for granted pg. 97
    -How to demonstrate your humor and creativity through clichs that we speak all the time pg.102
    -How you can deliberately "act silly" in a humorous way to project an image of both masculinity and innocence, which is a killer to most women pg.110
    -How to trick a woman into the wrong conclusion before "revealing the right answer" to generate an entertaining and comical effect pg.116
    -How to cleverly embed two contradicting ideas into one sentence to generate hilarious effects pg.117
    -A powerful humor technique to make requests which a woman cannot reject. You don't even need to worry about being slapped or feeling bad about it pg.119
    -Why you should take on the "offensive" role and reject a woman in a humorous way pg.120.
  • Further, you'll learn:
    -What the "the rule of three" is and how this powerful story telling technique can effectively build up humor tension pg.121
    -How to create an illusion of improvisation while you're actually delivering rehearsed materials pg.125
    -An amazing technique to "condition" a woman to your humor and make her incapable of resisting you and your humor pg.129
    -How to use your humor to "pander to a woman's vanity" so she feels good about herself as well as being with you pg.130
    -A small and simple habit you can start developing immediately pg.132
    -Here's a powerful trick to make use of stupid jokes to create your original, appropriate, and relevant humor pg.133
    -What you can learn from the Hollywood to make your "humor performance" more lively and attractive pg.136
    -A useful technique to constantly grow your humor repertoire and improve your own sense of humor pg.138
    -2 powerful methods of using outrageous exaggeration to "play with women's minds" and make them laugh pg.139-142
    -How logical fallacies can trick women in a humorous way while enhancing your image pg.145
    -How you can deliberate misinterpret women's words as well as any external event to derive preposterous meanings to make women laugh uncontrollably pg.146
    -4 powerful humor techniques to make a woman "think sexually" pg.147-150
    -Why you should make fun of women and what are the proper ways of doing so pg.151
    -How you can imitate other people and fake foreign accents to make women laugh and what to pay attention to pg.152
    -2 useful applications of humor besides attracting women fast pg.156
    -The right way to model other funny guys to quickly improve your skills at attracting women with humor pg.157
    -The best way to memorize funny materials for fast retrieval and 4 real-life examples with step-by-step instructions pg.158-166
    -6 critical things to take note when you're writing to make women laugh pg.168
    -Discover what a "Humor Rorschach Test" is and how you can use it to effortlessly improve your sense of humor to attract women pg.170
    -What exactly you should do after you've successfully made women laugh to bring the relationship to the next level pg.171
    -4 complementary skill-sets to humor to attract women and how you can acquire them to enhance the effect of making women laugh pg. 175-177
    -How to effectively deal with disappointment, rejection, and other type of frustration in case you have to face them when you start out pg.178-179
    -An advanced psychological technique to instantly remove any of your negative feelings. This shockingly powerful technique will blow your mind pg.183
    -How knowing the "Pareto Principle" can dramatically speed up the process of becoming a totally humorous guy pg.183
    And much more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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