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Goldfish Secrets
 Name of book:Goldfish Secrets Revealed!
 Author:Dane Stanton
 Blurb:Ultimate Guide To Gold Fish With Mindblowing Information Seen Nowhere Else!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Goldfish, Fish Care
  • "Goldfish Secrets Revealed!" which covers everything you need to know about this beautiful fish. This book will provide you with exactly what you need to know about successfully raising healthy goldfish. Imagine understanding everything there is to know about Goldfish, including feeding, breeding and well, just general overall care for your pet.
  • Here's just a fraction of what you can learn:
    -You can learn everything there is to know about feeding your Goldfish to enhance his or her appearance and health tenfold!
    -You can learn the basics of floating a home for your Goldfish including the best - location, size of your tank and other more important essential facts.
    -You can learn all the fundamantals on breeding your Goldfish, such as identifying the exact spawning moment.
  • Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in "Goldfish Secrets Revealed!":
    Key Benefit 1: Find out all the reasons why Goldfish die so easily.
    Key Benefit 2: Discover the best ways to feed your Goldfish.
    Key Benefit 3: Learn how to increase the life expectancy of your Goldfish.
    Key Benefit 4: How to make your Goldfish more active in the tank.
    Key Benefit 5: Learn fantastic facts about the history of Goldfish.
    Key Benefit 6: Find out which goldfish are compatible with one another.
    Key Benefit 7: Determine the best way to clean your tank.
    Key Benefit 8: Discover how to identify proper breeding pairs.
    Key Benefit 9: Learn the secrets about keeping your Goldfish outdoors.
    Key Benefit 10:Find out how many different Goldfish Species there are.
    Key Benefit 11: Find out how to identify illnesses on your Goldfish
    Key Benefit 12: Find out how big a Goldfish can really grow!
    Key Benefit 14: How to easily find out the gender of your Goldfish.
  • You'll get answers to questions like:
    -Why would one goldfish lie motionless most of the time whilst the rest swim around?
    -Why do some goldfish act weird after a water change like swimming upside down for a while and even during the cleaning?
    -Why do some goldfish have purple spots underneath their skin, on top of their head and/or white looking fuzz on some parts of their body?
    -Why would a goldfish develop bumps or holes on his body?
    -Can you put a calico fantail in with comets and common goldfish?
  • Price: $17.77 - Get Ebook Now
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