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How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks
 Name of book:How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks
 Author:Elena Solomon
 Author bio:The author is world's renowned dating coach.
 Blurb:Meet Women For Dating, Love, Romance, Relationships And Sex - Dating EBook(R) And Guide For Single Men Seeking Beautiful Women.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Romance, Dating
  • "How To Pick Up Sexy Chicks" ebook is Written for men, by a woman. We painstakingly broke the complicated task of meeting women into easy and doable steps, so you can start from any level and quickly make your way up. This is what you will learn:
    -7 rules of successful pickup
    -The #1 thing you must know about meeting women
    -How your friends affect your success with women and what you can do about that to get the results you want
    -What is the most attractive trait for women and how you can use this women's peculiarity to your advantage
    -The one crucial difference that separates men who are successful with women from men who are not
    -The simplest technique that always gives you the outcome you want to get
    -The main rule of successful pickup which is paramount for your consistent dating success
    Why what you say to a woman is not nearly as important as how you say it;
    -What is the most prominent factor that determines how successful you are with women
    -The TOP 10 places for picking up women in the new millennium
    -What is the #1 reason women go to bars and clubs
    -The critical factor you must be aware of that can be fatal for your pick up
    -The first thing you must know when picking up women in bars and clubs
    -The second important thing that is vital when you approach women in bars and clubs
    -What is the best topic when talking to beautiful women you'd like to take home
    -The biggest thing in approaching women anywhere
    -What is typical of 99% of people, and how this knowledge can help you to be successful with women
    -What every single woman you meet hides, and why beautiful women are more vulnerable to this than average girls
    -What kind of man beautiful women want and how to show her that you are this kind of man
    -The biggest predicament of beautiful women and how you can use it in your game
    -What to do to have the woman love you forever.
  • You'll also learn:
    -What women don't know that they are doing but you MUST know
    -The first and the second test women run on men and how to handle them
    -What is the challenge with picking up women in bars and clubs and how to surpass it
    -The best approach to picking up women in bars and clubs
    -How long does it take a woman to form her opinion about a man
    -What is the best subject to talk about during your first conversation with women
    -What kind of stories will always make women laugh and where to find them
    -What is the one thing you must NEVER say when talking to a woman
    -How to reduce your anxiety in approaching women and at the same time increase your choices
    -What is the best way to ask the girl for her number and what else you must ask to ensure your future success with her
    -How to ensure the number you get from a girl is real
    -What is the easiest way to have sex with women as fast as possible if you are just starting to polish your game
    -One-night stands made easy
    -The #1 thing to concentrate on when approaching women
    -How to deal with women who are unfriendly or even outright bitchy and how to change their mood
    -The one subject women absolutely HATE
    -What is the biggest complaint of women about men they meet
    -The biggest thing that keeps women from having one-night stands and how to overcome it
    -How to remember the girl's name
    -How to communicate to a woman that you are good lover
    -What is the best way to impress a woman
    -What women expect from a man who is interested in them
    -THE ONLY way to pick up women that works.
    -2 things you need to be successful in picking up women at online dating sites
    -How to make online dating work for you 10 times better.
  • You'll discover:
    -What exactly beautiful women prefer when they date online
    -How to create an outstanding online profile in 30 minutes or less
    -The #1 rule when writing your bio for online dating sites
    -What is the most important part of your online dating profile
    -15 main attractors for your profile
    -How to propel women's curiosity and make them interested in you
    -The #1 factor that makes women answer you online
    -What is the worst thing to say in your profile
    -Examples of actual profiles that draw women as bees to honey
    -Simple keys to instantly explode your choice of willing prospects
    -How to quickly move your relationship from online to real life
    -How to control the phone conversation with women and get what you want
    -How to organize your first date
    -How to be original with women
    -How to get the first kiss - naturally and easily
    -The 3 most important things about the second dates
    -Check-list for turning your bachelor pad into an adult playground Don Juan would be proud of
    -The little-known way to make the woman easily follow your suggestions
    -The #1 thing every woman wants in a relationship
    -Best conversation starters for picking up women in different situations
    -Distinctive strategies to use for meeting women in unusual places
    -Ways to date beautiful women without the need to approach women yourself
    -Proven steps to moving from being lonely and dateless to being the envy of your friends
    -Real life examples and stories, so you can relate to the information presented to you
    -The biggest secret about picking up beautiful women
    and much more.
  • The cost of the book also incudes 3 more ebooks, 2 audios and 2 videos.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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