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 Name of book:Flirting Formula
 Author:Christopher Williamson
 Blurb:How To Talk To Women So They Find You Totally Irresistible.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Flirting, Flirting Techinuqes
  • "Flirting Formula" is a simple step-by-step formula that helps you talk to women so they feel immediately attracted to you. It is filled with hundreds of lines, games and fun flirting techniques that you won't find anywhere else. The book contains real-life examples of proven techniques, tips and strategies to talk to women and charm them. You will learn:
    -How to approach women without fear
    -How to start conversations with ease
    -How to keep interesting conversations going
    -How to avoid awkward silences
    -What topics to talk about on dates
    -How to talk on the phone
    -And how to flirt so that women feel attracted to you.
  • It's a simple proven system for having fun conversations with women by using your natural masculine qualities to attract women. Including
    -Sample lines that make her laugh
    -Exciting conversations that keep her interested
    -Fun games that make you stand out
    -And proven formulas that ensure you never run out of things to say.

  • You'll also learn:
    -The secret way women want men to behave on dates that they'll never tell you
    -5 body language tips that by-pass women's defense shields when you approach them for the first time
    T-he single most powerful attitude you can cultivate to attract any woman guaranteed
    -7 ways that guys make women nervous without even realizing it, and how to avoid them
    -The very first place you should touch a women and how to do it without getting weird looks or rejected
    -5 magnetic personality traits women wish every man had
    -How to tell a woman you like her by using the "popcorn trick"
    -The very best gift you can give a woman
    -5 techniques to quickly and easily turn women on
    -The best time of day to find beautiful women in 4 locations
    -How to get a woman onto your bed with the use of your pillow… make her reach "boiling point" and get her ready for a "lights out" session
    -The single most important action you must take at the end of your first date
    -5 ways to find men who are expert flirters that you can spy on and ethically steal their best ideas
    -How long you should wait before you call women
    -How being chivalrous can actually work against you and end your relationship
    -One thing you must do when a woman is over at your house for the first time
    -The single most important piece of clothing you need to make a great first impression with an attractive woman
    -3 online dating tips that help you find beautiful women
    -The two best sites that actually get results, and which dating sites you should never use
    And much, much more.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Price: $47.00