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Runescape Rags To Riches
 Name of book:Runescape: Rags to Riches
 Author:Daniel Turner
 Blurb:Number One Runescape Guide On The Internet.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Runescape, Online Games
  • New eBook, "Runescape: Rags to Riches" covers nearly everything there is know to help you make more gold than you could possibly imagine.
  • Here's some of the cool stuff you can learn:
    -Golden Idea One
    How to trade items and objects for cash
    -Golden Idea Two
    The hidden value of chickens
    Learn how to use the principle of �supply & demand'
    The real price of feathers and how you can sell yours for more.
    All the best places to find them
    -Golden Idea Three
    How gourmet cooking can become a full time source of income
    -Golden Idea Four
    Fishing for profits
    Discover all the �other' benefits of fishing that you aren't told about.
    -Golden Idea Five
    Woodcutting for Gold!
    What level you must reach before woodcutting can become a profitable business
    What tools you should be using to create maximum results.
    Find out where the best locations are for woodcutting
    What to do incase you come across any hostile while woodcutting.
    Everything you need to know about the six main wood logs
    -Golden Idea Six
    Mining and Smithing
    What tools you'll need to get your mining career underway
    What level you must be before you can upgrade your tools. Find out the locations of all the mines in Runescape and which one you should start at.
    All the hidden bonus items available in the mines.
    Learn about all the dangers while mining so that you can easily prepare for them or better yet steer clear of them.
    Discover all there is to know about smithing
    -Golden Idea Seven
    Crafting all kinds of materials
    Learn all the secrets of turning a simple thing like crafting into a profit generating business
    Learn all the best ways to create glass and find out the real price of items like lanterns, orbs and lenses so you don't get ripped off!
    Spinning and weaving
    Learn how to make jewelry such as rings, necklaces and amulets
    Find out how to use leather to craft items such as boots, cowls and vambraces to sell to shops and other players.
    -Golden Idea Eight
    Discover all there is to know about Runecrafting
    What you have before you get the chance to mine for runes
    Selling Runes for a massive profit.
  • We've dedicated a whole chapter just for you all about setting up your own Runescape business. Here's what's involved:
    -Learn how to open your own shop
    -How to best find employees and assign appropriate tasks to help grow the business faster
    -Learn how to identify a potential market so that you can jump right in and make loads of gold before anyone else does.
  • Price: $14.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Runescape Rags To Riches
Runescape Rags To Riches
Price: $14.95