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Learn Palm Reading
 Name of book:Guide to Palmistry
 Author:Samantha Stevens
 Author bio:Samantha is the pseudonym of a well known Toronto columnist who has also published many books on metaphysics. Her specialty is psychic self-defense and dealing with individuals who feel haunted by the strong energies of living people.
 Blurb:Professional Psychic Will Teach You How To Read Palms.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
  • Professional psychic Samantha Stevens will teach you everything you need to know about palmistry in her new eBook "Guide to Palmistry". In over 120 pages, this fully illustrated palm reading guide covers everything.
  • The book includes:
    -How to decipher hand lines and mounts.
    -How to decipher special markings and symbols
    -How to read fingers and fingernail shapes.
    -How to make palm prints right at home. Professional readers regularly use palm prints to give an in-depth evaluation of the hand.
    -A discussion of the colorful history of palm reading.
    You are guided every step of the way with an illustrated example which makes this eBook a fun, easy guide for beginners as well as a great resource for professionals looking for a fresh perspective in this fascinating art. You'll be amazed as every single page in this eBook is like an adventure into your soul.
  • When you order you will also receive this free palm reading chart. This beautiful full-color chart shows you all the major lines and mounts. Use it to jumpstart your understanding of palm reading and as a helpful memory aide so you don't have to worry about forgetting the basics.
  • Price: $8.95 - Get Ebook Now
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Learn Palm Reading
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