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Unleash Your Inner Psychic!
 Name of book:The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic Course
 Author:Annette Sassou
 Author bio:The author is a Life Coach and PsychicMedium.
 Blurb:Complete Psychic Success Course Including Manuals & Audios. Custom.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Psychic, Inner Psychic
  • The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic Course contains everything you need to develop your psychic abilities and achieve your goals, including information-packed manuals, audios featuring effective mental exercises and specially created music to keep you focused, a workbook that will keep you on track to success and much more.
  • With this course, you’ll learn:
    -The absolute best way to start developing your psychic powers
    -How to enter the psychic world with a “Safety Belt” which will allow you to attract only positive energies and bans all negative energies
    -How to find your true calling
    -How to reach your inner psychic mind
    -Techniques for quickly developing your own psychic powers, talents and gifts
    -4 ways to reduce stress
    -Numerous ways to apply your psychic knowledge to make your daily life easier
    -How to create a “space” that will help you easily connect with your divine self
    -How to meditate properly
    -How to breathe during meditation
    -How to create your own “personal beach of time”
    -Two techniques for keeping yourself grounded during meditation
    -6 tips on how to prepare and protect yourself best on your journey to psychic success
    -How to learn to trust your abilities and the spirits that guide you
    -How to overcome any doubt and skepticism you might feel
    And much more.
  • This course contains all the tips, tools, techniques and secrets you need to know to develop your own, real psychic powers that you will be able to use at will to:
    -Take control over your destiny
    -Attract wealth and financial freedom
    -Create the career or business opportunity you’ve always wanted
    -Solve conflicts quickly without artificial dialogues
    -Get healthy
    -Create better family relationships
    -Make better decisions (by tapping into your inner voice)
    -Find your psychic purpose
    -Let go of stress and relax
    -Become more grounded
    -Balance your life
    -Feel safe and protected
    -Find your true calling
    -Achieve all your goals in the areas of Health, Career, Finances, Relationships and Love
    -Create success in all your endeavors
    -Improve your relationships
    -Get in touch with your inner voice
    -Clear and balance your energy system (Chakras)
    -Communicate with animals – finally, your pet will listen to your commands and will be able to tell you where it’s hurting in case of injury or illness.
    And much more.
  • With The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic Course, you will also learn how to communicate the “Psychic Way”. You will learn how to develop your telepathic skills and start communicating the “psychic way”. You’ll learn:
    -How to read other people’s minds and speak telepathically to them
    -How to communicate with animals
    -Two ways to know if your pet is sick
    -10 ways to use animal communication in your daily life
    -How to activate clairaudience (hear voices from the spirit world) in four easy steps
    And much more.

  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Unleash Your Inner Psychic!
Unleash Your Inner Psychic!
Price: $97.00