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Access Your Intuition!
 Name of book:Learn to Dowse!
 Author:Nigel and Maggie Percy
 Author bio:The authors are Professional Dowsers.
 Blurb:Everything For Your Intuition: How To Access, Strengthen And Utilize It.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Dowsing, Intuition
  • Learn Pendulum Dowsing quickly and easily. Here's just a sample how this book can help you:
    -Learn at your own pace.
    -Be secure in the knowledge that this course has been tried and tested.
    -Repeat anything as often as you want.
    -Find out how you can use dowsing in your everyday life.
    -Realize that dowsing is not just something for finding water, but you can use it in every facet of your life; home, work and social.
    -Learn to dowse using all common dowsing tools, such as pendulum, Y-rod, L-rods and bobber. Even learn tool-less dowsing!
    -Understand that you don't have to buy expensive pendulums. You can use anything, even a nut on some dental floss!
    -You'll find it hard to NOT dowse!
    It's the only course you'll need to master this wonderful skill and give you the opportunity to change your life.
  • In this e-book course there are sections dealing with:
    -The history and theory of dowsing
    -The various tools you can use (pendulum, y-rods, l-rods, bobbers)
    -How to use them properly
    -How to dowse without tools
    -How to ask the right question
    -Issues of accuracy
    -The role of intent and intuition
    -Chart dowsing
    -Map dowsing
    -On-site dowsing
    -Distance dowsing
    -Dowsing the invisible
    -Tips and Tricks to improve and shortcut your dowsing progress
    -Further resource section
    -How to live intuitively
    -FAQ section
    This is a complete course which covers more than most 'live' courses you can attend for less than half the cost they typically charge.
  • This ebook has well over 125 pages. It has:
    -Fully searchable text so you can find all the pages which talk about earth grids, for instance.
    -The ability to write and print your own notes and ideas as you go through the book.
    -You can 'dog-ear' pages you're interested in and return to them whenever you want.
    -You can highlight key parts of the text.
    -You can write and place 'sticky notes' as you go along.
    -You can retrace your path through the book to find that phrase or name you remember.
    -You can print out what you need.
  • Price: $47.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Access Your Intuition!
Access Your Intuition!
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