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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Raise
 Name of book:The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase: Your fast track roadmap to a raise
 Author:Bob Firestone
 Blurb:You Don't Get What You Deserve — You Get What You Negotiate! E-book contains a Total of 43 Different Negotiating Strategies For You .
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Salary Increase, Performance Appraisal
  • This guide has just about every strategy you will ever need for preparing, asking for, and negotiating a nice fat pay raise. Use this Guide to to build and re-enforce your attitude of confidently expecting to succeed. Visualize yourself asking for the raise, and getting exactly what you want.
  • The guide is 81 pages of power-packed information that will get you the raise. Here's a sample of what's inside:
    -12 different letters / email templates (in Microsfot Word and .txt format) that you can use to ask for a raise.
    -A set of detailed, intelligent "fill in the blanks" self-assesement and strategy planning templates.
    -A planning calendar that shows you exactly what you should do and when. (In Microsoft Excel and .txt format)
    -3 practical examples of how other people have successfully prepared for, then got the raise they asked for, using this system.
    -How to "package and spin" your accomplishments even if you have recently screwed up on the job.
    -How to figure out at what time of day & what time of month your boss is going to be most receptive to your case.
    -A Salary Calculator to run your numbers with.
    -24 perfect word-for-word "raise request" pitches for you to use on your boss, or Human Resources (HR).
    -43 negotiating "gambits" for you to leverage & use to stick up for yourself.
    -How to be assertive without being aggressive.
  • Here are more ways to prepare yourself that you'll find inside:
    -Why you should ALWAYS negotiate, no matter what!
    -How to control your internal feelings and maintain a professional image.
    -How to understand the process of asking for a raise as "an emotional experience" and how to harden yourself from criticism, and keep your ego out of it.
    -Temper flare: What to do if you get in a bad position in the discussion.
    -I show you how to focus on the relationship, and avoid bad dynamics.
    -Growing your network to get powerful people to come to your defense.
    -A full proof plan to create momentum behind your projects, so that you can shine and be respected for your accomplishments.
    -Making bad luck work to your advantage.
    -The mindset and behaviors you need to break through to the "Top $$$ Earners" level -- Other people are making that much coin, and you're just as good, if not better.
    -How to realistically evaluate your leverage -- can you be replaced? If so, find out the 4 secrets to becoming "irreplaceable."
    -7 hypnotic techniques to get your boss to love you and value your presence.
    -How to overcome your fears that may be holding you back.
    -A sociological rule based on ape / monkey behavior that can make or break your success at work.
  • Price: $37.00 - Get Ebook Now
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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Raise
The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Raise
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