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RoHS Weee And China RoHS
 Name of book:RoHS, WEEE And China RoHS: Zero To Green In Six Months
 Author:Ray Franklin
 Blurb:Achieve RoHS Compliance In Only 6 Months. New China RoHS Chapter. Critical Regulatory Knowledge For Electronics Businesses Worldwide.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Compliance Program, Rohs
  • "RoHS, WEEE And China RoHS" is:
    -A hands-on, nuts-and-bolts approach to compliance
    -Step-by-step guidance through the process of creating and running a compliance program
    -Each book section is a line in the Gantt chart schedule
    -Compliance process flow charts
    -The PDF file contains selectable text for copy-and-paste
    -Carefully selected links to useful information
    -Personal login to the RoHSwell customer area:
    -Access the book files at any time
    -Free revisions as they are published
    -Email notification of revisions and new features
    -Glossary of acronyms and terms
    -Entire chapter focused on China RoHS.
  • Even if you use a contract manufacturer (CM) you need this book. You'll learn about:
    -Does your CM assemble and ship the final product? If not, you still have compliance requirements.
    -All shipping materials and your final assembly process must be RoHS compliant. You still need to know what to do and how.
    -Is your CM doing the right things? Learn how a full compliance process works and what questions to ask your CM.
    -What material declaration data did your CM collect?
    -Which material declaration standard did your CM use? Is it adequate?
    -Will your CM prepare a full compliance declaration report to meet a regulatory challenge?
    -Will your CM arrange WEEE collection and reverse logistics?
    -Who will provide material content data to your WEEE recycler?
    -Was your CM able to get compliance data on every single material in your product? A product is compliant only if all parts and processes are compliant.
  • China RoHS Compliance covers China RoHS, the latest environmental law to emerge. Though it shares a name with EU RoHS, the differences are great and critical to your success. My guide to China RoHS delivers these items:
    -An overview of the law and the best available articles about China RoHS
    -Sources and prices for critical documents you will need
    -Lists of consultants and useful compliance tools
    -A step-wise plan to achieve compliance based on material content data
    -A list of more than 40 links to all sources of useful information on China RoHS
    -List of test labs for pre-certification
    -Sources for China RoHS labels.
  • Price: $69.00 - Get Ebook Now
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RoHS Weee And China RoHS
RoHS Weee And China RoHS
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