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Pays 70% Butterfly Marketing Manuscript!
 Name of book:The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript
 Author:Mike Filsaime
 Blurb:The Marketing Strategy That Changed The Internet Forever!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Web Traffic, Internet Marketing
  • "The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript" is one of the most startling, confidential, and talked about money making marketing strategies ever compiled in one book. Our mission is to drive insane traffic to your site and double your conversions instantly. With this Manuscript you can learn incredible strategies and tactics that I use with my very own membership sites to make an utter fortune each month online.
  • Here are the secrets you will learn in the manuscript:
    -How to build a huge opt in list in record time.
    -How to use Viral Marketing to get auto pilot traffic to your site day in and day out.
    -How to put tiny little Butterfly Effects in your marketing to earn thousands of dollars per month for years and years to come.
    -How to use free reports to bring you 50 new opt in members per day on total auto pilot.
    -How to create a product in under 10 days.
    -How to launch a site and get 5000 members in just 5 days or less.
    -How you and can make up to $10,000 in one day when you launch your next site.
    -Seven virtually unknown ways to keep your site going for years to come on auto pilot massive traffic with out spending One dime in advertising and with out having to beg people over and over to do Joint Ventures with you.
    -The hidden secret to using special "One-Time -Offers" and the mistake over 90% of marketers do wrong.
    -How to convert your 'One Time Offers' at $97 and $197 and have the same conversion or higher than people using $19.
    -The easy and unknown formulas I use to know the statistics of my site. When you learn these secrets, you can can earn 10 x more money in 1 year by making just 1 small change to your site.
    -Understanding the easy to understand, but virtually unknown power of the Viral Exponent.
    -How to get your current traffic coming to your site to instantly become your best affiliates.
  • You'll also learn:
    -The mistake that most marketers are making and it is the single biggest result as to why they have no traffic and their product sales have gone flat!
    -You will learn the WIIFM concept and when you do, your site traffic will spike instantly as soon as you add this one strategy to your site.
    -How to get ideas for any niche you have even if it is health, music, golf, or you name it. Any niche can use these strategies.
    -Integration marketing and how I spent 10 minutes with just a few partners and how you can use the same ideas as me.
    -How to find "Dead Real Estate" throughout your sites and how to convert it to tens of thousands of dollars per year.
    -How to maximize the profits from your site by adding just a few little twists to make offers to your consumers.
    -How to create a free viral report with audio that will act as a 24/7 viral infomercial to sell your backend items or any affiliate program you like. There are no limits to the profits you can make and number of these you can add to the market.
    -How to automate your business so you can earn money while you travel the world and not have to be in front of your computer for days or weeks.
    -My secrets of outsourcing and how it can be leveraged to live the life you want and make more money at the same time.
    -How to know when to outsource and when not to.
    -How and why you need to create a 'Marketing Funnel'.
    -The big mistake most marketers make by driving traffic and trying to sell a product.
    -How to brand your name on in your market like a Nike Logo!
    -How to establish yourself as an expert in your field in weeks and not years and why it is so crucial.
    -Ideas for sites that you can make over and over again and launch from concept to cash in under 10 days.
    -Case studies of almost all of my sites.
    and much more.
  • Price: $97.00 - Get Ebook Now
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Pays 70% Butterfly Marketing Manuscript!
Pays 70% Butterfly Marketing Manuscript!
Price: $97.00