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How To Get Started Computer EBook(R)s
 Name of book:Introduction to WMI Scripts
 Author:Guy Thomas
 Blurb:Logon Scripts, Windows 2003, Exchange 2003.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Wmi Scripts, Networking
  • This ebook is for network managers who want to collect specific data from a particular server. IT professionals who what to know precisely what's happening in their Microsoft operating system, also those techies who love remote control without hassle.
  • Contents of Introduction to WMI Scripts:
    -WMI Basics
    -WMI Getting Started
    -WMI Simple Script
    -WMI Moniker
    -WMI Technique
    -WMI Disks Logical
    -WMI Disks Physical
    -WMI Event Log
    -WMI Event Log Admins
    -WMI Filter for GPMC
    -WMI Memory
    -WMI Printers
    -WMI Process List
    -WMI Process Start
    -WMI Process Stop
    -WMI Service Start /Stop
    -WMI Scriptomatic
    -WMI WBEMTest.
  • In terms of scripting, learning WMI has that extra edge; you may be able to invent a scriplet that you could develop into a commercial application. There is a range of third products for WMI, with time and effort there is no reason that you cannot create a similar or better product. The raw WMI commands, the VBScript building blocks are freely available; in fact, you can investigate the whole range of WMI objects and properties with Scriptomatic or WBEMTEST.
  • Price: $6.25 - Get Ebook Now
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How To Get Started Computer EBook(R)s
How To Get Started Computer EBook(R)s
Price: $6.25