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Forex Trading Explained
 Name of book:Bird Watching In Lion Country - Forex Trading Explained
 Author:Dirk du Toit
 Blurb:DrForex's Top Selling Forex Book Bird Watching In Lion Country - Forex Trading Explained In E-format.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Day Trading, Forex Trading
  • Look, most of everything you have ever heard about the forex market – every fool-proof system, every promise of easy riches – is wrong or false. If it was so easy to make money, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they. Smell a rat yet?
  • Can you make money in the forex market? Absolutely yes. Is it as easy as one-two-three? C’mon, do you still believe in Father Christmas? To succeed you have to cleanse yourself from the rubbish out there and make a paradigm shift – when you buy my book you don’t just buy a book, you join a cause of like-minded people.
  • Understand that the market is random and very difficult if at all possible to predict on the short time scales that most brokers and marketing wizards (system peddlers) suggest one should rely on. The most important practical point my book makes is that a trader should not have just one edge, usually illusionary, like a “signal indicator technical analysis system” but several real edges designed to swing the odds in your favor. Particularly important is understanding the need to give price room to breathe so that you don't become a victim of randomness.
  • The size of your trade should be scaled according to the probability of success (higher gearing should be used for larger pull backs) and the relative position of price in a given range. By entering at different levels and sizes, an average position can be entered. Some of the other core concepts I deal with are the importance of keeping things simple by focusing on one currency pair, and trading in one direction.
  • These are the actual mechanics (over-simplified, of course) of my trading philosophy as described in the book. The skill of analyzing the market is just as important. My contention, persuasively argued, I believe, is that analysis cannot be based on one system, one fact, one path, that leads to success. Instead, the market absolutely demands, because of its inherent nature, that you look at the deep underlying relationship, constantly in flux, between price, event, and elapsed time to perform YOUR OWN analysis of what the market is “thinking “ and consequently, how you should trade. Each moment in the market is different and you have to adjust to this by performing live relational analysis (relating price-time-event). And it is YOU that does this because my book’s aim is to teach you to OWN YOUR OWN BRAIN.
  • Price: $69.95 - Get Ebook Now
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