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Magic Classroom Management
 Name of book:Magic Classroom Management: How to get the most from the worst kids in school
 Author:Rob Johnson
 Author bio:The author is a Deputy Head Teacher at a special school for children with behavior problems.
 Blurb:Simple Classroom Management Strategies Can Give You Immediate Control Of The Worst Kids In School - 100% Guaranteed!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Classroom, Classroom Management
  • With "Magic Classroom Management: How to get the most from the worst kids in school", you can have total control of your classroom, gain total respect from the worst kids in school, and start enjoying your teaching career again. It includes guaranteed techniques that have been proven to give teachers control over any disruptive behavior and motivate any pupil to produce their best work. Magic Classroom Management will change your teaching. It's a practical, easy-to-read guide to dealing successfully with any behavior problem.
  • You�ll know exactly how to:
    -Silence any group or class
    -Get pupils to follow your instructions
    -Put an end to inappropriate questions
    -Gain support from senior staff, parents and other colleagues
    - Motivate all pupils, especially low achievers
    -Put an end to low level disruption such as chatting, sniggering, whispering, tapping, throwing things and wandering
    -Stop ALL pupils from swearing
    -Deal with major confrontations and crises calmly and swiftly
    This is just a small sample of the information you'll get.
  • Here's is a small sample of the information you'll get:
    -The number one secret to getting any child to behave
    -How to make sure your instructions are followed immediately without arguments or confrontation
    -What to do when a pupil won�t follow your instructions
    -How to immediately silence a rowdy class without shouting
    -7 ways to put more humor in your lessons
    -Tricks and techniques to get pupils really interested in your lessons
    -The simplest, most over-looked technique for getting any pupil to produce more work in your lessons than any other
    -The 3 Requests that give you instant control
    -Ten Magic words to make a disruptive child behave
    -How to put an end to inappropriate comments and questions from pupils
    With this complete system of controlling your pupils, you'll be able to see the improvements in just one week.
  • Price: $27.00 - Get Ebook Now
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