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Home >> Money & Employment >> Education >> I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
 Name of book:I Create Reality Beyond Visualization: How To Use Holographic Creations To Manifest Your Desires
 Author:Christopher Westra
 Author bio:He has studied mental and physical health for over 25 years, and received his Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing.
 Blurb:How To Materialize Your Heart's Desires With Holographic Creation. Learn To Use Your Holographic Mind Power. It Rocks!
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Law School Admission, Law School
  • By purchasing I Create Reality, you get:
    -Hope and enthusiasm back into your life.
    -Confidence that your personal creations are growing.
    -The freedom to live the life you've always wanted.
    -A new self-image that expands your goals and dreams.
    -Increased energy and zest for living.
    -The practical methods to create what you want.
    -A step by step Holographic Creation Sheet to increase your discipline and focus.
    You will actually learn how to Create Baby Holograms of your desires out of light and sound. These are real entities. Then you learn how to send these Baby Holograms into the soil of the Universe. They will grow into full-size Holograms that you will meet in physical existence.
  • Here are just some of the reality creation secrets this book has for you:
    -How to convert your vague desires into coherent detailed HoloGrams. (Chapter 7)
    -Six reasons HoloCreation is ten times more effective than ordinary visualization. (Chapter 1)
    -How energy blockages and negative energy stop the positive creation process, and how to “Clear” yourself. (Chapter 12)
    -The seven areas of life in which to practice HoloCreation in order to be balanced. (Chapter 5)
    -How to completely blow away prior limitations through the extreme HoloCreation Activity! (Chapter 11)
    -How faith and fear are almost exactly the same thing, and how to eliminate Fear from your life! (Chapter 3)
    -A practical definition of Hope and why this emotion is essential to your happiness. (Chapter 3)
    -Why accessing the emotions behind your desires can identify what you really want. (Chapter 8)
    -The two amazing benefits you will receive by asking yourself one simple question about each item you desire. (Chapter 3)
    -Why most people fail with their visualization, and exactly how HoloCreation brings better results. (Covered in Many Chapters)
    -How a simple change in the way you think about time and space makes it easier to create what you want. (Chapter 13)
    -How to get yourself into the “Harmonic Zone” of Creation even when you don’t feel like it! (Chapter 12)
    -How you can influence events involving others even though they do still have their free will. (Chapter 10)
    -Why you should NOT prepare for your daily HoloCreation sessions, but what you should do instead. (Chapter 13)
    -The societal changes that could occur through a group HoloCreation exercise! (Chapter 10)
    -How HoloCreation will increase your Emotional IQ. (Chapter 8)
  • You will also learn:
    -How to improve the lives of millions through taking your Extreme HoloCreations to the level of the ridiculous! (Chapter 11)
    -When it is important to visualize what you don’t want, but only in certain situations, and only for short periods. (Chapter 12)
    -Millions of people are learning to focus their energy and thoughts, thus achieving more in life than they ever thought possible.
    -There are more opportunities than ever before in history to use your resources to create worldwide as well as personal improvement.
    -Discover the benefits that others are experiencing.
    -As more and more people join forces to shape their environment, we can begin to alter much more than personal reality. We can change social reality! Decide to begin now.
    -If you want to learn how to consistently gain the energy, focus, and vitality to achieve your dreams, then you need the information in this book.
  • Price: $28.19 - Get Ebook Now
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I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
I Create Reality: Beyond Visualization
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