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I Create Millions - 87 Money Methods
 Name of book:I Create Millions: How You Can Manifest Your Millions with 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods
 Author:Christopher Westra
 Blurb:How You Can Manifest Your Millions With 87 Specific Money Mastery Methods From The Experts.
 Book Website:Get Ebook Now
 Keywords:Money Management, Making Money
  • Discover the secrets to having the resources you need to live the life you've always dreamed of. Learn the 87 practices, attitudes, and programs that the experts use to increase the flow of money. With I Create Millions, you will:
    -Discover the mental shifts necessary for your million
    -Learn why ten million new millionaires are being created
    -Know and use the specific money mastery methods of 13 creators
    -Increase your imagination, creativity, confidence, and skill
    -Learn the real difference between money and wealth
    -Experience an amazing variety of practical money ideas.
  • Here are just some of the methods, techniques, and attitudes this book will teach you:
    -How 13 real individuals made it through the poverty consciousness and into the abundance mentality using the very ideas in this book.
    -Why you really can't master money, you can only master your self, and why you should start today.
    -Why you can create increased wealth for yourself and the entire world at the same time.
    -How to use the manifesting envelope to develop patience, discipline, and a sense of wealth by watching the amount grow, as you work toward a specific reward. (method 1)
    -A powerful way to break your lack mentality by consciously leaving money around. This changes your love/hate relationship with money and allows it to be "just money". (method 2)
    -How to write on money, and what to write, to give yourself amazingly strong messages that sink into your subconscious and change your core beliefs. (method 3 by Carol Tuttle)
    -A way to let your expenses work for you that puts money back into your pocket. (method 4 by Rick Jensen).
    -How to write an abundance check to increase your inner value and confidence. Many of the worlds richest people did this at one time, on their way towards creating wealth! (method 5 by Barry Goss)
    -The money downpour visualization from this secret life coach that allows you to explore these super wealthy sensations in your imagination. (method 6)
    -The two points in your day to actively focus on a new belief about abundance, and how you can use these two times to form new money habits of mind. (method 7 by Tim Ong)
  • Incorporate these ideas into your life:
    -Learn the essential relationship between money and property, and the simple difference between those who understand interest, and those who don't! (method 38)
    -Why you need to let go of your resistance to change, and how you can truly come to embrace the change that is part of this earth tutorial. Your income will skyrocket when you truly accept flow. (method 39)
    -How to eliminate the pie fallacy as a core belief, and how to ignore the dire predictions about the resources on the earth. Don't take a slice of the pie - simply create wealth and increase the pie! (method 40)
    -Why the earth is truly abundant, and how to be grateful for what you have by being a wise steward over your resources. Money masters never waste, and how this attracts more to them. (method 41)
    -Ways to use your faith-filled inner power to create in the inner world. Learn why spiritual pre-creation prior to physical creation is the law of the universe, and the law of creating wealth! method 42)
    -How to use Synergy and not just your own Specialty when making your Millions. Know exactly what synergy is and what extra skills you need to succeed in your money making. (method 43)
    -Discover why selling is the basic core skill of Millionaires, and learn about the technology gap and what it means for your wealth. Selling is connecting, and connecting is fun! (method 44)
    -How you can create automatic money systems and automatic value delivery systems with the internet. How you can test your automated system by taking vacations. (method 45)
    -Explore your reasons for not wanting money. Yes, you have some, and these limiting ideas are holding you back. Gain freedom through clarity and awareness. Become conscious and wealthy. (method 46)
    -Identify your beliefs about spirituality and riches, and eject old ideas that you can't have both. God is very rich, and spiritual too! (method 47)
  • Price: $28.19 - Get Ebook Now
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I Create Millions - 87 Money Methods
I Create Millions - 87 Money Methods
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